Jul 22 2014

Romanian Family of 17 in Harrow: What ‘beds in sheds’ crisis?

romaniaThe Daily Express is carrying an article about a family of 17 (including children aged from four months to 19) living in a three bedroom house Stanmore, The family, according to the article, had to lie to a landlord in order to get their house, telling him there were just six of them. Now, with space so tight, some of the children are even sharing beds.

Environmental Health have visited the house, following concerns from neighbours, and have agreed that the house is too small: however, they don’t qualify to join the housing register, as they haven’t been in the borough for five years. But, if they do find a bigger house, they’d be entitled to more housing benefits. Guess you’d need some 10+ bedrooms, so even knocking together a couple of semis wouldn’t help. And what’s the going rate for a ten-bed house in Harrow, even if you could find one? A couple of million?

So, what benefits do they get already? It would seem they receive £2,500 in tax credits, £1,400 in housing benefit (to go towards that £1,700 a month rent), and £700 in child benefit. Add in the father’s salary – he works as an electrician – they enjoy an income of almost £77,000 per year, funded mainly by the tax payer. You might be inclined to wonder why the father still works, given that huge income. If he didn’t, the benefits cap would kick in, limiting the benefits to just £26,000 a year. And that £77,000? That’s actual cash they get: you or I would have to be on a salary of some £125,000 to enjoy the same.

Fabulous. But is this the tip of the iceberg? Quite possibly. And it’s more complicated than that. A family of 17 would generate four times as much waste as a normal 2+2 family. Consume four times as much NHS care. Half the children are probably in education – and neighbours say that a number of them are picked up by taxi every morning, presumably also funded by the tax payer.

But isn’t this exactly what Conservative Group Leader (and, at the time, Leader of the Council) Cllr Susan Hall said way back in December last year? “We are already seeing the effects of some criminality linked to Eastern Europeans seeping out to the suburbs – and that ranges from prostitution to pick pocketing and beds in sheds overcrowding.” And what did Harrow’s Labour Group Leader Cllr Dave Perry say: “At present Harrow Council has no evidence as to what impact this may have on our services, until such time, the Labour Group are unable to comment and do not wish to pre-empt what may or may not happen.” Looks like you’ve found your evidence, Dave. Perhaps you could comment on the impact such families – who are, thanks to EU legislation, allowed to to just this – are having on Harrow. And remind me which day of the week you work, and I’ll give you a call for a quote.

A neighbour, who didn’t wish to be named, said that the family would “pile all their rubbish” in the garden, and, once a week, the father would load it up in his van – a 2007 VW minibus – and disappear off with it.

According to the Express, the council is talking to the landlord to try and “resolve it informally”. Perhaps the time for the softly-softly approach is over: taking the children into care, and reducing the family’s benefits, would send a strong message to those who come to the UK to enjoy the easy life. Now that’s an idea.

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  1. Mike N

    Wow. It’s great that at least the father works. Let’s hope that he’s paying all his taxes and not working for cash in hand! The problem with mass immigration is that you tend to see large families, where as most Brits have 2 or 3 children.
    We all know what a drain on our services Labours immigration policy has been. Over crowded classrooms, where many languages are spoken. I have a family member who works in a very busy London A & E department who has calculated that at least 70% of the patients they see we’re not born in the UK and many either do not or can not speak English. Most of their ailments are minor, but this still clogs the system. Why do they go to A&E……..because it’s free.
    I know from bitter experience about the extra crime that also comes from Eastern Europe…..street crime, bag thefts, cash dispenser scams and the like as two family members have been the victims of such crimes. Yes the perpetrator was from Eastern Europe because they were caught.

    Have we passed the point of no return. Probably. Can we do more. Yes. The worst thing that we did was not going ahead with a proper ID card. Never mind all the ‘ It’s against my civil liberties rubbish’. It would have helped the police to see who should and should be in the UK at a glance. It would have helped other authorities to see who is and is not entitled to benefits at a glance, but most of all it would have helped in the A&E departments to recover from those who clog up our system the money that they have never paid into our services.

  2. Someonewhocares

    ID cards – actually a great idea for all kinds of reasons – were abandoned mainly on ‘cost grounds’ (even though WE would have paid for them ourselves…) plus, of course:-


  3. Mike N

    Just as an after thought………..why do we pay for people to have children? We should either stop it completely or only pay for the first two.There must be parents out there who have numerous children because each one is an extra benefit payment.

  4. j p hobbs

    Harrow Museum will soon be looking for a stuffed white Englishman or woman to stand alongside a Dodo bird .

    1. the red mirror

      yes jp and an audio of the English language being spoken without the sentence (and im like ) or (ya get me) and of course the staple (basically )this country is fxxxxd.

  5. PraxisReform

    I asked this exact same question some months back when a similar situation arose, and our apparently listening politicians were apparently having a bout of deafness at the time, and thus failed to respond to me…

    Hoverer, I’m still very curious to know, What specifically happened to the evicted family? Were they kicked out onto the streets to be homeless?, were they deported?, were they found alternative accommodation? Were they arrested? put into concentration camps? killed? or do they still live at the same over crowded properly?

    Our brainless Councillors seem to have overlooked the most important fact here, which is that human beings are being badly treated, and so we need to be certain that Harrow council is treating them humanely, and not abusing their basic human rights.

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