Mar 01 2017

Roxbourne by-election: Herbie Crossman’s Bio

We said we’d publish the candidates’ profile for the forthcoming Roxbourne by-election. Herbie is UKIP’s candidate:

On behalf of Harrow UKIP I am pleased that the UKIP candidate for the Roxbourne by-election is long-time Harrow resident and campaigner, Herbie Crossman.

Herbie has lived, served and campaigned in Harrow for over 40 years, having also served as a Harrow Councillor for a number of years.

Herbie is a self-employed local businessman involved in the security industry installing and maintaining entry systems to care homes, businesses and apartments. Herbie has a solid track record of achievement::

Successfuly campaigned for TfL to upgrade and install a safe and accessible pedestrian pathway to Rayner’s Lane Station Car Park. The local MP was amazed that he succeeded.

  • Was instrumental in keeping Sancroft Hall open
  • Is outraged that Harrow’s Labour (mal)administration wants to build, at a cost of millions, a new Civic Centre, on the site of Wealdstone’s last remaining car-park, which will see the final nail put into the coffin of local shops and jobs.
  • An outspoken critic of the Council for stopping the Brown Bin collections that were included in the Council Tax; expecting residents to stump up extra. The result has seen an increase in fly tipping, bonfires and an under 20% take-up of the Brown Bin extra charge.
  • He is an active campaigner and can often be seen out and about with his team speaking to local residents, shoppers and businesses.
  • Herbie is a fierce proponent for local small businesses and shops who get such a raw deal from both central government and a rapacious Council that sees them as a cash cow.
  • Notable successes at getting fly-tips, pavements repaired and rat infestations cleared.
  • Opposes the business rates “revaluation” that could result in our shopping centres becoming deserted wastelands.
  • Is appalled by the latest Council Tax Hike that with the “social care” element will increase pressure on residents finances by an average of £75 a year (Band-D). In Herbie’s own words “What happened to last year’s 2% hike for “social care”?

Herbie and his team will be out and about in Roxbourne, speaking to residents and visiting local businesses. Herbie says, “This is an opportunity to start changing and removing the culture in a rudderless Labour run Harrow Council with a Leader, Cllr Sachin Shah, whose constant repetition of the phrase “It’s the Cuts” has seen him dubbed “Polly Parrot”; a Council that, in the words of a local resident “is too inept to be corrupt”.

On Thursday march 9th, Roxbourne residents have a very simple choice, they can use their votes to start to make that change, or face yet more of the same.

Jeremy Zeid (Election Agent)

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    Lots interest ib flytips street litter wheelie bins (mickie mouse stuff)
    No mentioin of the 15 20 storey flats with no additional road and parking COLLEGE RD
    6 major rebuiling sites no mention of any care homes or hostels for elderly
    No adjusting on the price of 2000 HOMES making them ALL AFFORDABLE for HARROW PEOPLE
    has mentioned the disasterous new CIVIC CTR going to Wealdstone with NO additional roads or parkiing HOPE these point can de answered

  2. F.D.Billson

    How right Jeremy Zeid is. This Labour council badly needs showing up and hopefully, for all of us, removing asap. They are completely unprincipled, cunning, inept and totally dishonest. The latest increase in the council tax is diabolical and without any merit apart from the usual Labour opportunist habit of thieving money from a helpless public . Go! Go! Go!

  3. Jeremy Zeid

    Don’t worry “Old Harrovian”, most of this is addressed on Herbie’s literature. We will be distributing it over the weekend.

    Let me just say, that it is going to mightily hack off Labour and Polly Parrot Sachin “Its the Cuts” Shah in particular.

    Hopefully iHarrow will post it on the site if I send the file.

    Herbie and I are acutely aware of the undersized, high density and overpriced future slums that will blight Harrow for decades.And lets not forget the destruction of local businesses and therefore jobs by a rapacious council, greedy landlords and an idiot government that is hiking already bloated business rates.

    Residents need to bite the bullet and start the process by kicking out Labour and clipping Polly Parrot’s wings for utterly failing us.

  4. Ash Wendy

    Good Luck Herb and JZ. It always takes UKIPpers to get things done. Come on good people of Roxbourne, what have you got to lose? Give Herbie a chance. Can he really be any worse than this discredited Labour lot?

  5. Paul laurent

    No police on the ground. NHS in a mess. Transport no better. More unwanted high rise blocks flats all over harrow.ou with the current council. In with a new councilor. That really looks after harrow residents who are being ripped off by the extortionate council taxes.go get them Herbie.

  6. Paul laurent

    No police on the ground. NHS in a mess. Transport no better. More unwanted high rise blocks flats all over harrow.ou with the current council. In with a new councilor. That really looks after harrow residents who are being ripped off by the extortionate council taxes.go get them Herbie.

  7. Someonewhocares

    Herbie: “Outraged, outspoken, fierce, opposes, appalled” etc…. and yet virtually ineffectual.

    Never heard of him, but he sounds quite unpleasant , in other words just like JZ and most of UKIP: ‘YOU KIP’ if want to Herbie/Jeremy, but anyone fully awake would not vote for you!

    Ah Politics: “promise the earth and deliver nothing like”. Did we learn *nothing* from Brexit?

    1. Someonewhocares

      Incidentally Paul (B), it looks like a ‘nasty’ has also hacked your blog now, with several identical (and completely nonsensical) posts *supposed* to be from different people; Quite a pity Hope you get it/them sorted out!

      -Don’t such idiots know it makes what they post so much less credible by this action?
      (“Paul laurent” and all your alter egos take note, if you are capable of doing so)

      1. iharrow.com

        Found them – yes, loads of comments from two different email addresses, using an assortment of names.

        I get that some people want to remain anonymous, but posting the same comment, multiple times, under different names, which don’t add to the discussion, isn’t the way forward. They’ve all been removed.

  8. Someonewhocares

    Just read the Herbie C. UKIP leaflet; Other than all those unecessary and childish jibes/cartoons JZ thanks for having that leaflet printed locally – in BODMIN(!) ‘More’ support for LOCAL businesses please, just as your pamphlet states is one of your beliefs! In fact most of that document is *unbelievable* ….

    1. Jeremy Zeid

      Perhaps “Someonewhowhinges” you’d care to check th other parties they are printed in other “local” places such as BOLTON, but then why let a few facts get I the way of a good concocted story by a virtue signalling lefty twerp, eh, “someonewhowhines”. As you say “unbelievable “.

      Perhaps instead of your silly “virtue signalling”, consider this, we use printbridge because they dolldo a quality job at a reasonable cost and QUICKLY. But then the idea of value for money escapes lefties who are always so generous with other people’s money and leaves them to pick up your tab.

      I m going to make a guess, that you are a “remainer” who is happy to see UK trade subsumed to our EU partners. If that’s the case “Someoneisahypocrite” is a better moniker.

      By the way, those cartoons are ENTIRELY necessary to expose a useless council leader with the repetitive speech ability of a parrot and such leadership qualities that he brought back the previous labour leader, at our expense, to help him do the job neither can do on their own.

  9. Someonewhocares

    Oh dear JZ, did I hit a nerve? I don’t really care where other parties print things, I am just opposed to claims that UKIP cares SO MUCH about Harrow –specifically- that it has its comics printed somewhere else. (ie. *Abject* hypocrisy in fact)

    Or perhaps you should just take note of such things for the next time (if there is a next time). Incidentally I thought for a moment that you wrote the folks who printed the pamphlets were good with a *dildo* (but which could explain a few things…)

    Plus of course Nasty Nigel is simply a Comedy Character for real and so does not need such satire – and of course he is also ENTIRELY unnecessary!

    Ultimately it is the *details*/small print that count, not that UKIP is concerned with some things. Clearly YOU are too busy whinging most of the time. Indeed it seems you don’t like much at all (other than your own unpleasant rhetoric obviously) but then you don’t actually have anything substantial, concrete and/or helpful or constructive to say now, do you?

    Focus less on such ridiculous cartoons and then maybe (one day) you will be taken seriously. In the meantime I maintain that a vote for UKIP (even as a ‘protest’) is just a wasted vote.

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