Feb 12 2017

Roxbourne By-election – March 9, 2017

vote_tick_boxFollowing the sad passing of Cllr Bob Currie, a 20-year veteran of local politics and an ex-Mayor, there is to be a by-election in the Roxboune ward on March 9, 2017.

So far, the Conservatives have announced their candidate, 26 year old Annabel Singh (Twitter: @Annabel_Singh), who describes herself on her LinkedIn profile as “Ambitious, smart, witty, well organised, great communication skills, team player, managed many teams.” She goes on to say she “…hopes to bring some positivity and unity into the Roxbourne Ward and to inspire people to be involved in their surroundings.”

Labour, meanwhile, haven’t publicly announced their candidate, although rumours are that it could well be Mrs Maxine Henson (Twitter: @maxinehenson13), the wife of Roxbourne councillor Graham Henson. Mrs Henson has featured in iharrow.com before, when she leapt to her husband’s defence after he was booted off cabinet and lost his £28,000 a year allowance. Mrs Henson is most recently known for her work with ReThink Mental Health, and with with Graham’s cousin Bob also working for the council, this could turn into a real family affair. Still, at least they make no secret of the fact that they’re a husband-and-wife team, unlike Cllrs John Hinkley and Jean Lammiman.

The other named being banded around as Labour’s possible candidate is ex-councillor Bill Stephenson, who led the Labour group between 2010 and September 2012, before stepping down due to ill health. An unlikely scenario, but it’s worth pointing out that Bill, when he was leader, took the time to talk to iharrow and to answer questions posed of him – something his successors refused to carry on with.

Nominations closed on Friday Februuary 10, 2017, so more news should be forthcoming in a few days.

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