Feb 17 2017

Roxbourne by-election: Marshel Amutharasan’s Bio

We said we’d publish the candidates’ profile for the forthcoming Roxbourne by-election. Marshel is the Liberal Democrats’ candidate:

I’m Marshel Amutharasan, and I’m the fresh start Roxbourne needs today. I’ve lived in the area for over thirty years, and I am a community and charity worker in the education sector. I’ve been involved in running music and language school for underprivileged children for the past two decades.

My passion is regenerating the Roxbourne area and making it a better place to live for all the residents of the area.

In particular, my priorities are:

  • Pressing for the re-opening of South Ruislip Recycling Centre — reducing fly-tipping and congestion.
  • Abolishing the ineffective brown bin charges which are neither raising income nor encouraging recycling.
  • Making it easier to contact Harrow Council.
  • Improving local transport and parking
  • Making the streets of Roxbourne safer – working with Safer Neighbourhood teams to reduce crime, and improving street lighting
  • Better facilities for children in local parks



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