May 18 2012

Roxbourne Infant and Roxbourne Junior Schools to Amalgamate?

Since late 2007, Harrow’s policy has been to amalgamate Infant and Junior schools should the headteacher of one of those leave. Indeed, it’s only in exceptional cases that this policy isn’t followed, and schools are allowed to recruit a replacement headteacher.

Following the resignation of the Headteacher of Roxbourne Junior School in Autumn Term 2011, and a parental consultation, Harrow Council has decided to press ahead with a statutory consultation on the amalgamation of Roxbourne Infant and Rouxbourne Junior Schools. Since the Headteacher of Roxbourne Junior School left there have been three interim headteachers at the school.

Final decision about the future organisation of the schools could potentially be achieved by the end of the Summer Term 2012 if a Portfolio Holder decision is made following the consultation about whether or not to publish statutory proposals. If it is decided during the week beginning 14 May 2012 to publish statutory proposals, then the statutory proposals could be published for six weeks on 21 May 2012 and the outcome could be reported to July Cabinet for determination. This would enable greater certainty of school leadership arrangements in the following academic year.

The statutory consultation was held from Monday 16 April 2012 until Friday 11 May 2012. The consultation paper was sent to all parents, members of staff and governors on 16 April 2012. Three formal parent consultation meetings for parents of both schools were held on 24 April, 26 April, and 2 May 2012 to enable discussion.

49% of those asked supported amalgamation, with less than 30% against. The rest really weren’t sure. 20 members of staff in the Infant school voted, with 11 in favour, and nine against, compared to only three votes from the Junior school staff – all three of those were in favour. 50% of parents in the Junior school were also in favour, with almost 35% against.

In terms of Governing body, eight out of nine governors at the Infant school voted for it – the other abstained. Meanwhile at the Junior school, seven were in favour, and one governor was against amalgamation.

The full details are here.

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