Mar 14 2014

Rubbish on the Streets of Harrow: Bin There, Done That

susan_hall_leaderCllr Susan Hall, Leader of the Council, has been out again in the last couple of weeks, keeping an eye on the Council’s initiative to clear rubbish from privately-owned service roads around the borough.

This picture below shows her in Mollinson Way on Wednesday, ironically, probably only hours after the Council’s Refuse Workers were thinking about going out on strike.

If, indeed, the strike does go ahead in a few weeks, and depending on what figure you hear, between 66% and 100% of those balloted support strike actions (and with around £18,000 each up for grabs, you can understand why…), these scenes may become more and more common across the borough.


No doubt there will be more to come…


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  1. old englishman

    Llitter litter litter everywhere,even as we can see huge effort by council to tidy shopping ctrs.
    yet with all the wheelie bins and street bins rubbish is still being dumped.all the time.
    tv tells us we will be fined for dropping newspapers or crisp pkts .yet in harrow people leave carryer bags of tins bottles food by the lampost, A Solution; Every shopping ctr in harrow is crammed with cameras that should work ?? well, no the cameras are busy watching parkers stopping 2 mins to post letter or cash machine. so lets change the system. for trial 1 yr all cameras concentrate on tipping. shopper passes cam 1 with carrier bag. comes to camera 2 no carrier bag. BINGO WE HAVE SUSPECT ON CAM. lets see if operator is as good catching tippers as he is parkers. extra deterant £100 fine
    Hopefully council will think of a trial period(cameras and operators are there no cost involved

  2. Susan Hall

    Old Englishman I am working on a scheme that will enable us to fine litterers. Hopefully this will be rolled out by the summer. Using CCTV is all very well but we would not know who these people were. With parking issues there is a number plate for identification. Be assured I will announce the scheme as soon as it is worked out correctly.

  3. old englishman

    THX Susan great to hear you . Your actions against litter, spitting ,and immigration problems are great contribution to safer HARROW. BUT CCTV should concentrate on the people who dump in the town are pedestrians the spitters and litter bugs so they are on camera let yr guys find them publish pic in ST annes and public will find them for you . dont worry about number plates just faces

  4. King David

    Great idea old English man

  5. Gary Roberts

    Why are the council clearing rubbish from privately owned service roads. They should be concentrating on council owned roads. I have just walked down Northolt Road. Once again the pavements are covered with litter, and people have to walk through it while they shop. And once again we have had no roadsweepers on a Saturday. So people have to walk through Fridays rubbish. Harrow council is so inconsistent with their cleaning. Some weekends we have roadsweeping while other weekends absolutely nothing.

  6. Harrow Dude

    Seems like a good place to look for beds in sheds… No need for thermal imaging

  7. j p hobbs

    Beds in Sheds where , do the take DSS ?

    1. Harrow Dude

      All I’m saying is that If Susie is really serious about beds in sheds with the amount of rubbish that is constantly dumped in the alleyways off of Mollinson Way, it would probably be a good place to start as the structures are easily visible form the service roads.
      Or is posing in front of piles of rubbish before potential strike action by the Council’s Refuse Workers just more Susie spin?

  8. Terry Hylton

    I have to give credit where it due. As an everyday cyclist I use Station Approach on my commute. There was a defective trench that crossed the carriageway near Victoria Hall which at speed down hill towards Civic offices I would have to slow down or run the risk of damage to my bike and myself.
    This has now been rectified along with several road gulley covers which have been repaired.
    I can now ride down this hill with confidence and not have to slow down.
    Thank you.
    Now if you could get Kings Way resurfaced and Queens Walk then I would be over the moon

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