Feb 11 2013

Runaway Children – Some Councils Not ‘Attuned’ to needs of missing kids

record-rise-in-reported-child-abuse-0Councils have been criticised for failing to keep accurate records on how many children in their local area go missing from home or care, says a report in Children & Young People Now.

According to a report by Ofsted’s chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw, professionals are not always “attuned” to the needs of missing children, while local services to support this vulnerable group are frequently lacking.

The Children’s Society, in July 2012, launched their Runaways Charter, calling for councils to sign up for it. To date, Harrow Council doesn’t appear to have done so.

Wilshaw said that poor recording practices – at both local and national level – mean that the true scale of how many children go missing is not known, shown by the fact that there are big discrepancies between records on missing children held by police and figures collected by councils.

You can see how many councils have signed up to the charter, and its worrying few. If you’d like to encourage Harrow Council to sign up, you can do so online, here, or email mitzi.green@harrow.gov.uk. As the Portfolio Holder for Children, Schools and Families in Harrow, she’s the right person to get this moving.

Thanks to K for the heads-up on this important story.

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    This is too important for the Council not to sign up too! Please could anyone and everyone who reads this, email Mitzi Green, as these are potentially forgotten children who in many cases could be in grave danger!

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