Apr 13 2014

Say What? Cllr Graham Henson

confusedHarrow Times – July 13, 2010:

LABOUR and Tory politicians have clashed over plans to open up the council’s books to the public.

The Labour administration narrowly voted down a Conservative motion calling for new transparency rules to be welcomed, during a heated debate at Full Council on Thursday, July 8.

The rules, being formulated by the Lib Dem-Tory coalition government, could force local authorities to publish details of spending over £500, publish information on high-earning council officers, and released updated statistics on recycling rates and rubbish collections.

But Councillor Graham Henson, who is in charge of customer services in the new Labour cabinet, railed against the plans, labeling them “outrageous”, and accused the motion of being “ridiculous”.

He said: “Do you really believe there are Harrow residents out there who are going to spend their evenings checking local authority websites? Some of these things don’t need to be and should not be public.”

Harrow Times – September 5, 2013

“I fervently believe that in a democratic society, everyone should be free to hold politicians to account. We should be free to come together and speak out on whatever issues matter to us… Effectively from May 2014, we would be banned from holding politicians and political parties to account at a time when ordinary people have the most influence – in the run up to a General Election. With the crunch vote taking place soon, I urge Harrow Times readers to contact their MP and demand the Government respects out democratic rights to get involved with campaigns in ways we do all the time at present and scraps these plans.”

Thanks to A for the tip off. Any more examples of councillors’ short memories or u-turns always appreciated – email them to info@iharrow.com. Anonymity assured.

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  1. John Clement

    Typical Labour methinks they have something to hide, otherwise why not be open & transparent.

  2. KingDavid

    Another Harrow Labour Party hypocricy exposed

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