Aug 27 2013

School Governor Backs Parents Over Free Parking in Harrow

conservative_logoA school governor and Harrow councillor has given her support to parents concerned at the prospect of losing the ability to park for free near the school. Independent Labour-run Harrow Council is proposing to ‘standardise’ parking charges in the borough, a move which will also remove the one hour free parking period in the Cambridge Road car park – used by many parents of children who attend St. John Fisher School in Melrose Road.

Cllr. Janet Mote (Conservative, Headstone North), who is a governor at the school, said: “Parents are rightly worried that they will have to pay parking charges twice a day just taking their children to and from school, as there is nowhere else nearby that they can park. The school already has a travel plan, encouraging car-pooling, so many parents already drive other children along with their own. It seems unfair to penalise parents who are doing the responsible thing.”

Cllr. Mote added: “I am also concerned that with plans now underway to expand the school, there will be even more traffic in the nearby roads. This has implications for both safety and congestion, and will be made even worse if parents are put off parking in Cambridge Road because of the cost. So I sincerely hope the Council will listen to these parents, as well as residents and business owners, and realise why North Harrow should be considered a special case when it comes to parking.”

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  1. Praxis Reform

    There’s plenty of criticism that one can level at the proposed 20 minutes parking grace period. But, surely it’s ideally suited for dropping a few kids off at school?

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