Nov 01 2011

School Snow Closures in Harrow

As we move into November, it’s probably a good time to start looking at how to establish if your child’s school is going to close due to snow. Sure, it may be a little early, but the snow last year caught us – as it does, every year, it seems – unprepared, so here’s everything you’ll likely to need to know about school closures.

Most schools across London make use of the London Grid for Learning’s website here. From the first page, choose your local authority area from the list in the drop down, and click on ‘Refresh Map’ – you’ll then see a map of Harrow (or whatever other LA you chose) showing a marker for each school. A green icon show the school is open; a red icon shows that it’s closed. If you hover over the icon, you’ll see any short message that the school has provided, including, a ‘last updated’ timestamp. At the moment, most of these are showing a last updated date of earlier this year or the end of last year as the snow struck.

The school’s Senior Management Team, in discussion with it’s Governing Body, will make a decision on whether to open a school a not. The criteria includes such things as:

  • Is the school accessible?
  • Are the school grounds safe and passable?
  • Can enough teaching staff get to the school?
  • Is more snow likely throughout the course of the school day?

Telephoning the school is unlikely to yield any useful information: if it’s closed, there may be nobody there to answer the phone or phone lines may seem to be constantly busy. Some local radio stations will list schools that are affected – remember, a school may be open for only part of the day, or only for certain year groups.

If you don’t have internet access, or the website is down, you can also call the automated school closure line on 020 8408 7508, however, you’ll need to have your school’s 7-digit Unique Reference Number (URN):

 URN     School
 3107004 Alexandra
 3102099 Aylward F & M
 3102081 Belmont First
 3102055 Belmont Middle
 3104032 Bentley Wood High
 3102073 Cannon Lane First
 3102056 Cannon Lane Middle
 3104022 Canons High
 3103514 Cedars Manor
 3102092 Earlsmead F & M
 3102082 Elmgrove First
 3102058 Elmgrove Middle
 3102098 Glebe F & M
 3102088 Grange First
 3102071 Grange Middle
 3102052 Grimsdyke F & M
 3104033 Harrow High
 3102078 Priestmead First
 3102061 Priestmead Middle
 3104027 Rooks Heath High
 3102084 Roxbourne First
 3102062 Roxbourne Middle
 3102050 Roxeth F & M
 3102090 Roxeth Manor First
 3102072 Roxeth Manor Middle
 3104700 Sacred Heart High
 3105400 Salvatorian College High
 3107002 Shaftesbury
 3103501 St.Anselm's F & M
 3103500 St.Bernadette's F & M
 3103508 St.George's F & M
 3103505 St.John Fisher F & M
 3103511 St.John's F & M
 3103507 St.Joseph's F & M
 3103504 St.Teresa's F & M
 3101101 Harrow Tuition Service
 3102083 Kenmore Park First
 3102059 Kenmore Park Middle
 3107005 Kingsley High
 3103513 Krishna-Avanti
 3102053 Little Stanmore F & M
 3102075 Longfield First
 3102066 Longfield Middle
 3102051 Marlborough F & M
 3103509 Moriah F & M
 3102045 Newton Farm F & M
 3102096 Norbury F & M
 3104024 Nower Hill High
 3104021 Park High
 3102076 Pinner Park First
 3102060 Pinner Park Middle
 3103512 Pinner Wood F & M
 3102079 Stag Lane First
 3102063 Stag Lane Middle
 3102085 Stanburn First
 3102064 Stanburn Middle
 3100001 Teachers Centre
 3102097 Vaughan F & M
 3102086 Weald First
 3102067 Weald Middle
 3102093 Welldon Park First
 3102095 Welldon Park Middle
 3102087 West Lodge First
 3102068 West Lodge Middle
 3102100 Whitchurch First
 3102101 Whitchurch Middle
 3102049 Whitefriars F & M
 3104026 Whitmore High
 3107006 Woodlands F & M

[important]Remember, conditions can change throughout the course of the school day, and the school may need to close early for any number of reasons (heavier snowfall forecast, heating or electrical failure, recommendations from the local authority), so it may be a good idea to ensure that your child’s school has contact telephone numbers for any parents, carer, grandparents, neighbours, friends, etc, should there be a need to contact you.[/important]

Source(s): Harrow Council’s Is your school open or closed today? and London Grid for Learning’s Opencheck.


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