Jul 09 2014

School Strike Closures – July 10, 2014

harrow_council_logoOn Thursday 10 July, a number of public sector unions, including Unison, GMB, Unite, the NUT and the FBU, will be taking part in co-ordinated national strike action.

Many primary schools, secondary schools and colleges in Harrow will be affected by the strike.

Harrow Council is making a lacklustre attempt to publish information on which schools will be affected by the strike action, although the information currently on its website is woefully inaccurate at present, and the Council has acknowledged it’s own deficiencies, and recommends that parents contact the schools directly for information on whether the school is fully open, partially open, or closed.

The Council’s page is here, although bear in mind it is not accurate.

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  1. Rupika Dave

    Bin strike ! Teachers strike ( again)!. What on earth is going on? Why are the teachers striking this time? More money, better pensions. wanna retire early because they work harder than the rest of us? I am sick to death of the public sector holding us to ransom – make no bones about it, for many of them it is not a political stance. They just want a day off! I have some sympathy with the bin men though. As for Teachers, well, they can poke off. I would like to see them in the private sector without tea breaks, no lunch breaks, no pay rises for over 5 years, 4 weeks annual leave, no sick pay , 50-60 hour working week, no enhanced pension, and having to work into your late 60’s. That should sort out their greed. I am prepared for a total slating after this post, but, it is time we stood up and said enough already!!

    1. Honest & Open

      Rupika I salute you…..I could not have put it any better if I had tried! Teachers also have the highest sickness and pay out compensation of all……what does that tell you!

    2. Harrow Dude

      May I suggest that if you truly know of people working without tea breaks, no lunch breaks, no pay rises for over 5 years, 4 weeks annual leave, no sick pay , 50-60 hour working week, that you encourage them to join a union. Asking for pay to at least match the rate of inflation when in real terms you are 20% less is not been greedy.

      You are deluded if you really think they “just want a day off”. How about you write to Westminster and ask them why they think it is acceptable for MP’s to award themselves 11% after all Dave said “we are all in this together”

      1. Rupika Dave

        Harrow Dude – I am that person ! I work for a small business where every penny counts. We have been hanging on with our fingernails because of the downturn in the economy. We all put our backs into the daily work so that we can keep the business afloat and keep our jobs! How would going on strike help us? I know 2 long serving teachers who were not on the picket line protesting about their rights yesterday but having a spa day in Bath. I am not deluded. I am basing my comments on my personal experience. And, just to be clear, I did sign a petition about MP’s payrises and wrote to Bob Blackman on this issue too.

        1. Willy Stoodley

          Rupika you just don’t grt it either – what do you think those government workers would do with a pultry 1% payrise? They’d SPEND it; that’s what they’d do! On stuff that is either directly or indirectly related to your small, floundering business! Which is WHY it’s floundering; because nobody’s got any spare money! The private sector can’t give a payrise to its workers because they’d go bust-your business being a case in point. BUT THE VOVERNMENT CAN! And if they did, all those workers would run out and spend that mkney, then the private sector would pick up and they’d all run out and spend their money. Then before you know it, we’re all back on our feet! Understood by everyone except the toffs running the government and the citizens who get suckered into believing spin and lies about how damaging strikes are. You’re self employed. You can file a tax return. You can get an accountant to recoup a bucketload of tax for you. A government worker on ¬£20K pa and a permanent pay freeze is on PAYE and has nowhere to turn.

          God spare me from Daily Mail middle-England.

          Dude – yet again I find I agree with everything you say.

  2. sonoo malkani

    It is absolutely sickening that we are to be victims of trade union organised strikes and then,to add insult to injury be “consulted” by Harrow Council to allow an INCREASE in our Council Taxes,for LESS SERVICE PROVISION.They must take us to be complete morons!Perhaps Harrow Council tax-payers might wish to consider their options about making regular contributions for services promised,but removed at the drop of a hat.

    To date,I have never withheld payment or delayed it–honouring this as a personal responsibility on the part of every single citizen.However,if the local trade unions are flexing their muscles and have a FOUR YEAR PLAN to hold strikes,backed by the Local Authority,to suit their cause/causes,the time has surely come for the public to formulate and express their total disapproval at being held to ransom willy-nilly.Let’s stop the rot.

    Each strike not only causes mayhem to whatever sector is affected but also damages our local economy—how irresponsible and unpatriotic at a time when we are just about turning our economy around, with all the sacrifices made by so many..

    I think Rupika and myself will probably be taken to task for speaking our minds but we really must nip this in the bud.Four years of planned strike action was NOT in the manifesto which was supported and voted for by the unsuspecting public of Harrow.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  3. Rupika Dave

    Sonoo – I am perplexed by Harrow’s consultation on increasing council tax. Considering Harrow is the dumping ground for so many people on benefit, it is a foregone conclusion that there will be a significant vote for those in employment to pay more. I promise you that the consultation is just Harrow’s way of pretending they are being fair. At least she was honest. Labour have come back in power with a different agenda, and have been very disingenuous with the tax payers in Harrow. They know that this burden can only be funded by the working people in the borough who sadly, are the minority. Bring back Susan Hall I say

  4. sonoo malkani

    One just had to get to grips with the change in the administration and hope for the sake of ALL our citizens that Harrow Council would learn the harsh lessons of recent years and rebuild its image.

    Rupika,you and I will be holding our breath for long,long time if you think that tax-payers like us will receive a fair deal.There are many who still will extract all sorts of benefits at our expense.A real disgrace for honest hard-working folk to have to fund those who know how to milk the system.I have no problem with supporting genuine,deserving claimants.Sadly,they are in the minority.Hope fraudsters are weeded out and exposed publicly.

    The previous adminstration had dedicated officers appointed to do that.One hopes that will not be discontinued.

  5. Willy Stoodley

    What a load of ill-informed, factually inaccurate, Daily Mail brainwashed diatribe. You don’t even realise between you that the Council does NOT receive the income from Council Tax!

    The out of work claimants of state benefit account for only ONE % of the national budget – pensioners on the other hand account for 54% of it.

    The local authority does not pay for these benefits – the state does.

    Bottom line – nobody’s forcing you to live in Harrow! Or the UK for that matter! So if it’s so bad, why don’t you either move, or get politically active and persuade more people to vote? (Both Labour and Tories only had 16% each of the electorate’s vote!).

    Or is it that you prefer whining and whinging over positive action…???!!!

  6. sonoo malkani

    Willy,I don’t need your permission to become a politician.I could have done so years ago.I choose to live in Harrow and in the UK and remain an independent and active member of the community which I love and live in..I am not one who jumps ship when things start to go wrong but remain,to try and see how the problem can be fixed.

    You call striking POSITIVE action?That’s just your view-point.Many of us think differently.I do empathise with workers and can understand how difficult life can be at times but feel very strongly that,as a society,we need to find better, more acceptable ways to settle our differences and find solutions.It is the INTENTION which determines the end result.

  7. Willy Stoodley

    Striking’s legal; in our UK society it’s allowed. And quite right too!

    Incidentally, one does not say “to try and” – one says “to try TO”.

  8. Rupika Dave

    Will Stoodley you just stopped short of telling Somoo to ” go back you your own country'”. You nasty odious little bully.!!! How were you ever allowed to stand for public office? Somoo I would not engage any further with this man. He is a prize Willy !!!

  9. Willy Stoodley

    Oh chup du motto jutwalle cham cchi I never said any such thing!

    1. Rupika Dave

      Sorry I only speak English

  10. Willy Stoodley

    I speak English, French, some German, some Flipino (Illongo) and some Gujarati. Did your parents really manage to find a school to send you to that didn’t teach languages?!

    So let me get this straight then-the person who can’t speak anyone else’s language is accusing the person who is so diverse that they are fluent in two languages and familiar with a further three languages, of telling Sonoo to go home! Pot, kettle and black springs to mind.

    1. Rupika Dave

      Well bully for you! You are so ignorant. You wrote in Gujarati because you assumed I was a Gujarati speaker and you wanted to make your point in a different language. Just for the record, I am nobody’s cham chi and I don’t tell lies! If you re-read your post to Sonoo you will see why I made the accusation in the first place. You truly are a nasty piece of work Will Stoodley.

  11. Willy Stoodley

    Hey Rupika I have an idea. Let’s SACK all the strikers, then tax revenue and available spending money plumets while benefit costs skyrocket. So your small, floundering firm’s client base nosedives while they jack your taxes and rates up to pay for the benefits. Would you prefer it that way round? Or shall we just let them go on strike for one day for chrissakes??!!!!

  12. iharrow.com

    …and at this point, we’ll draw this discussion to a close.

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