Feb 16 2011

Scrapping your vehicle?

The removal of scrapped cars cuts down on our end of life vehicle pollution by recycling vehicles that are no longer wanted. The Council can help arrange this for you and this service is free of charge.

Customers should provide:

  • Keys
  • Log book
  • Bottom part of log book filled in to say that the vehicle is transferred to LBH for disposal (owner is to complete top half and send to DVLA).
  • Letter of authorisation
  • Location of vehicle

The customer will need to send this information and keys to: Highways Enforcement (details below).   It may take up to 3 weeks to remove the vehicle after the Council has received this information.

Highways Enforcement
PO Box 18
Civic Centre

Call 020 8901 2600 or email highways@harrow.gov.uk

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