Apr 01 2013

Seen Around: An ‘unscripted’ Interview with Great Leader Idaikkadar

Cllr Hussain Akhtar (ex-Labour, ex-Conservative, ex-Independant and now a born-again Labour councillor) has been busy with the video camera this week, with the production of two videos on Youtube of his Labour colleagues.

The first, with Great Leader Idaikkadar, starts with a frankly, quite odd, zoom in on a woman existing the Civic Centre, before cutting to the Great Leader running through a carefully-scripted questions, with, perhaps, a flunky holding up the answers on big cards just off-camera.

We learn that “things are difficult” but hear that things are “getting done a lot quicker” – he obviously hasn’t looked at the performance of Harrow’s Information Management team, with countless Freedom of Information requests backing up, and numerous complaints ending up with the Information Commissioner over the Council’s apparent flagrant disregard for the law around response times. At just 1m17s into the speech, we learn it’s all the Government’s fault because of “cuts, cuts, cuts.”

Next up is Cllr Sachin Shah – Portfolio Holder for Finance – who fortunately escapes the warm-up of a lone woman being filmed surreptitiously in his clip. Unfortunately, it seems that Cllr Shah forgot to ask his mum to both iron his shirt and do his tie for him, so he doesn’t carry the same gravitas that Great Leader does. However, he manages to hold on until only 26s before blaming National Government for “huge cuts”. He goes on to warn us that the next step is that the Council will be reducing the services it provides.

See any more good videos of Harrow? Let us know by email to info@iharrow.com


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