Apr 17 2013

Seen Around: Harrow Councillor Lurline Champagnie OBE

In all the media surrounding the funeral of Baroness Thatcher today, The Voice has an article featuring, for a large part, Cllr Lurline Champagnie OBE (Pinner, Conservative). It starts:

THERE WAS a stunning moment at the 1985 Tory Party Conference when a Jamaican-born nurse took to the floor, declaring: “I am Conservative, black, British and proud to be all three.”

That woman was Lurline Champagnie OBE who has spent 25 years as a local councillor in Harrow, northwest London and was the first black woman to be selected as a Tory candidate.

The words provoked thunderous applause at the conference.

lurline_queenThe article is well worth a read, whatever your political persuasion and thoughts on Thatcher.

Cllr Champagnie was awarded the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) for services to Local Government and diversity in January 2010.

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