Jan 17 2013

Sexual Abuse Allegations in Harrow Schools – Part II

record-rise-in-reported-child-abuse-0Last month, we asked Harrow Council how many teachers in Harrow’s school had been accused of sexual assault, and how many had been dismissed as a result of that. The result was that over the last three years, there were seven allegations of sexual abuse made against teachers in Harrow – whether these were seven different teachers, or whether one teacher attracted several allegations of sexual abuse, isn’t clear. However, there was one dismissal, following an allegation.

We went back to Harrow Council and asked a follow-up question, but this time focussing on non-teaching staff (teaching assistants, sports coaches, admin staff, etc).

Harrow Council told us that there had been fourteen allegations of sexual assault made, over the last three years, which resulted in just two dismissals. Whether the other allegation were, just that – allegations without a basis – or whether the sanction was something other than dismissal, isn’t clear, but it’s certainly disturbing that  there have been, as far as we can tell, over twenty allegations of sexual assault, by school staff or teachers, over the last three years.

The full report, Safe from Harm, which prompted this line of questioning  can be download from IBB Law, West London’s leading law firm, which commissioned the report.


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