Mar 04 2014

Short Memories from Harrow Labour Group?

library_computer_childHarrow Labour have been out and about in Rayners Lane, dropping leaflets, with, it seems something just a little bit fishy on them

Cast your mind back to Labour’s “Lets Talk” campaign, headed up by the then-leader – of both the Labour Group and the Council itself – Cllr Bill Stephenson. If you recall, most Harrow residents didn’t want anybody outsourcing the borough’s library services. So Labour immediately moved to outsource the running of them, under the leadership of Cllr David Perry: “Harrow Council is committed to providing the best possible leisure and library facilities for its residents,” he said at the time.

Rapidly, one library got closed (sorry, merged with another), and the whole shooting match was handed over to John Laing Integrated Services in June. Four months later, in October, JLIS flogged the deal off to Carillion.

Where did all that mess start? Labour. So we were a little surprised to read the Rayners Lane Rose – a flyer stuffed with pizza leaflets through letterboxes in the area – saying that “Labour will work with library users and with staff to defend the service.”

Here’s a cutting from that very leaflet:


How odd. Thanks to K for the tip off.


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  1. King David

    Typical Labour lies in Harrow. Do whatever it takes and Lie to get elected and grab votes. Ironically, it was current Labour Leader, Perry, the Portfolio Holder responsible who outsourced and privatised the services. What a shameful Labour hypocrisy.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    You cannot renew your library book using the internet via Harrow.gov.uk. This service has been unavailable since before Christmas. I usually have to go the library ro renew booka. However the one time I telephoned and asked for a renewal the librarian said they could not access the computer either and were noting details on paper.

  3. John Clement

    I would like to see Politicians, local & national proven to have lied to the public be charged with treason against Britain and British people, and a sufficient sentence be awaeded.

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