Jan 09 2014

Slim Your Bin in 2014

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council and West London Waste are encouraging residents to slim their bin in 2014 by taking up the new Rubbish Diet challenge.

The challenge, which launches on January 20, involves finding ways to reduce the amount of waste your household throws away. There are four steps to follow over 4 weeks  – starting with recording the amount of waste you are throwing away, and thinking about what you could have done with it instead.

‘Dieters’ are given a  host of information about alternatives to just throwing it out, including  what can be recycled in their area, what recycling symbols really mean and how to shop with waste in mind. By sticking to the steps and advice provided, they will see a noticeable reduction in the amount of waste they are throwing away.

Harrow Council is supporting the scheme as part of its efforts to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill in the borough. We also recently employed two new recycling officers – with another due to join them soon – who are targeting areas of the borough where recycling rates are poor, with free information and advice.

Harrow Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Susan Hall said: “Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill ultimately saves money for the taxpayer and goes a long way towards creating a cleaner Harrow.

“As a Council, we are committed to increasing the amount that is recycled across the borough. Our new recycling officers will give appropriate advice to residents about how to increase the amount they recycle.

“Residents can also do their bit and this challenge will get them off to a good start for thinking long term about how they can reduce their household waste and help us to create a cleaner Harrow.”

Harrow resident Debra Alexis is the face of the Rubbish Diet scheme after being selected as the borough’s Bin Doctor. She is on hand to offer advice on ways to reduce waste and answer any questions.

Debra said: “We already have 50 households in Harrow signed up to the Rubbish Diet challenge – over the next few weeks I will be out and about talking rubbish with people and hopefully signing up lots more households. The Rubbish Diet is really is easy to do and really does make a difference – most people reduce their waste by 40 per cent and save money too! Just sign up on the Rubbish Diet Websitewww.therubbishdiet.org.uk or give me a ring to find out more about how to get started.”

To find out more about the rubbish diet contact Debra at bindoctorharrow@therubbishdiet.org.uk or phone 0750 300 4099. And check out the Harrow page on the website: http://www.therubbishdiet.org.uk/regions/harrow-blog/

To find out more about the Council’s waste and recycling service visit our web pages atwww.harrow.gov.uk

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  1. Harrow Dude

    I have read in the local press that the boroughs Bin Doctor is also one of Susie’s Neighborhood Champions. Can Susie or any of her assemblage tell me is the Bin Doctor role also voluntary one or is it a paid position? If so how much is the Doc costing us?

  2. Linda Robinson

    Harrow Dude, I am not one of Susan’s assemblage and I can tell you that, yes, it is a paid position, but although the Council supports the initiative it does not employ the Bin Doctor. So it’s not really costing the council tax payer much directly and stands to save us a lot more in landfill tax. The advert for the job was widely publicised, like this –
    Our Bin Doctor, Debra, is lovely and very community minded. It remains to be seen the impact the Rubbish Diet will have on Harrow’s bins and behaviour. It’s a shame that some of us need a specialist to tell us how to reduce our waste.

  3. sonoo malkani

    Attended the opening session Saturday morning and heard a number of interesting ideas which could easily help us reduce our waste.It has been successfully achieved in other parts of the country such as Suffolk,Shropshire,Poweth and now the West London Waste area which includes London.We were chosen since we are already good re-cyclers and wish to raise our 47% record for recycling upwards.Plus we have infra-stucture such as .the Neighbourhood Champions available,as well as our Community Radio and the Council’s publication “Harrow People.”Good starting point!Of course,our Council would like us to sign up and help in each of our neighbourhoods over a period of time.and motivate as many people to join as we possibly can.

    Nobody is FORCING anyone to do this but anyone who feels strongly about helping our community to achieve positive results is welcomed..I really wanted to sign up but since I am heavily committed to a number of other voluntary activities might have to step back and work in the background—perhaps helping publicise this actively.to get our local community to help us roll it out.

    The meeting was friendly,fun and full of promise.The organisers were supportive and encouraged participation.Quite enjoyed sorting out what goes where and discovering many more avenues for re-cycling items not routinely discarded such as sofa sets and irons etc.I loved the idea that one can actually manage to reduce our rubbish quite considerably and simultaneously help REDUCE the astronomical cost of sending rubbish to the land-fills.Did you know it costs £80 per tonne to dispose off this junk —money literally being thrown away!

    Not only would we be helping the Council to spend less on getting rid of our rubbish but we would also be helping keep the environment greener while making a contribution to lessening the scourge of ever-mounting piles of rubbish.accumulating in other places.

    Debra,our Bin Doctor was friendly and enthusiastic and took our contact details.Countries like India and China have known about and re-cycled for decades.Now we have adopted some of these ideas and adapted them to our local situation.

    Please try and assist and if you are unable to spare the time to become a local Bin reducer consider motivating others who may have the time and inclination.It’s so simple and yet very effective.Let’s make sure we manage to sell off useful re-cycling materials and also reduce costs to help in some way towards keeping our Council taxes in check.

  4. Praxis Reform

    It’s worth noting that the quoted £80 is purely Government taxation, bought in with the same specious Government claims about helping the environment that puts up everyone’s energy bills, whilst the money is really just pocketed with the rest of general taxation.


    It costs relatively little for someone to drive a vehicle full of waste to a big hole in the ground and tip it in.

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