Jan 26 2011

Smartwater – available free for Harrow Residents

Smartwater is a property marking system which allows your property to be traced back to your home address. It is a specialist product, invisible to the naked eye but detectable under special ultraviolet lights, which can be applied quickly and easily to valuable possessions. Quick drying, it is extremely difficult to remove.

Smartwater is being offered free to all Harrow householders for installation by Police staff. All products applied will be registered and maintained free of charge on a central database, allowing the Police to check items which they recover and trace them back to their rightful owners. This is a real savings to local householders as the usual installation fee would be £60 plus an annual database maintenance fee of £60.

Smartwater is also being used in specialist Police operations to tackle burglary. Burglars coming into contact with Smartwater in these operations can be tracked as the product used will show on their skin or clothes under the special lights used in all Police stations.

You can apply for this directly through Harrow Council’s website by clicking here.  It can take upto 4-5 weeks for the local Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams to get in touch with you to arrange a time for them to come and demonstrate it.

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