Feb 15 2014

Some Trivia About Harrow

Harrow Council have produced a short, six-page, publication entitled An Introduction to Harrow, which lists a number of rarely-known facts and trivia about the Borough. For example:

  • Harrow was formed in 1934 as an urban district of Middlesex by the Middlesex Review Order, as a merger of the former area of Harrow on the Hill Urban District, Hendon Rural District and Wealdstone Urban District. The local authority was Harrow Urban District Council. The urban district gained the status of Municipal Borough on 4 May 1954 and the urban district council became Harrow Borough Council.
  • Harrow has four Mosques, the largest being the newly built Harrow Central Mosque. Many of Harrow’s Muslims are from the Indian sub-continent. Muslims from parts of East Africa, the Balkans and some Arab countries have also settled in Harrow.
  • Harrow has the third largest population of millionaires in any borough in London.
  • Julius Caesar had a camp at Brockley Hill and his army took their water from a pond there now known as Caesars pond.

You can download the document here.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Harrow is brimming with history and surprises of all sorts—just have to take the time and trouble to discover and appreciate our borough.Many today focus on denigrating what is a beautiful place because of the dynamic changes—some love it,others hate these change,especially the demographics.

    I only know one thing that change is the name of the game and however uncomfortable some may feel at times with the unfamiliar it is inevitable.Accept it boldly and move forwards.Let’s celebrate our strengths and play down our weaknesses,determined to help improve that which we find under par.

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