Jul 18 2015

South Harrowing Parking Issues: Stakeholder Meeting (Residents NOT invited!)

harrow_council_logoEmail from the council earlier this week (and thanks, Mr T for forwarding):

The council is embarking on a review of the on street parking in parts of South Harrow that were agreed as part of its published parking review program. The first stage of this process is to hold a stakeholders meeting with interested parties, including councillors, the Police, emergency services, residents and businesses in the area. This meeting is to listen to the parking issues which are of concern to local residents and businesses.

From a review of our records I am aware you have contacted the council about parking concerns in your area in the past. I am therefore inviting you to a stakeholders meeting to participate in this stage of the process and I apologise for the lateness of this. The accommodation of the meeting hall is limited and to keep the meeting focused and as efficient as possible, as it is not intended that this is a public meeting, I would appreciate an indication from you if you are likely to attend. If you know of any other residents who may wish to attend them please ask them to contact me.

Please note that this meeting will not result in being immediately implemented as this is the start of the parking review process.

Following this meeting officers will develop proposals taking into account as many of the issues as possible that were raised at the stakeholders meeting. Following this, public consultation documents and plans will be delivered to all residents and businesses in the consultation area that was agreed at the stakeholders meeting. The results of this consultation are then presented to our Traffic and Road Safety Panel and Portfolio Holder for Environment, Crime and Community Safety for their consideration.

The meeting is due to be held at South Harrow Baptist Church, 270 Northolt Road, South Harrow, HA2 8EB on Wednesday 22nd July at 7.00pm in the hall.

Please be aware there is very limited on-site parking however the area is serviced well by public transport.

We will produce notes of the meeting that will be published on the Council website and available upon request to those who cannot attend as soon as practicable after the meeting.

Tel: 020 8424 1888
email: transportation@harrow.gov.uk

Andrew Leitch
Traffic, Highways and Asset Management

We understand plans under consideration at present include 20mph zones around Welldon Park schools, changes to the operational hours for the CPZ in around Kingsley Road, installation of speed humps into Westwood Avenue, Wood End Avenue and Wyvenhoe Road, and Lord knows what else – the council refuses to tell us.

So, the meeting is apparently to “listen to the parking issues… of concern to local residents…” and yet in the next breath, we’re told “…it is not intended that this is a public meeting” and “…any other residents who may wish to attend them please ask them to contact me.” So, let’s get this right: the council wants to hear from residents, it says, but doesn’t want them at the meeting? How odd. We’d suggest you go along anyway, and make a fuss if they don’t let you in…

Updated 19.07.2014:  corrected typo in the speed limit; it wasn’t really 120mph zones around schools…

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