Nov 10 2012

South Harrow’s Beauty Boutique to be a Dentist?

According to plans submitted to Harrow Council, Beauty Boutique on South Harrow’s Northolt Road is set to become a dental surgery.

From reading the planning documents, it would seem that the Bridge Dental Surgery are hoping to relocate from their first-floor rooms opposite South Harrow tube station, to ground-level premises – something that would make life much easier for the older patients who have experienced problems getting up and down stairs.

The Bridge have collated signatures on a petition in support of this move – and certainly, moving into a slightly quieter part of Northolt Road, with additional on-street parking certainly sounds like a good idea. It’s a shame that Beauty Boutique appear to be shutting and up shop, but a dental surgery here would probably be welcomed instead of an empty and shuttered retail location.

For more details, search P/2721/12 at harrow.gov.uk/planning.

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