Oct 12 2014

Spot the Difference: Cllr David Perry and Pub Landlord Al Murray

Thanks to W for the tip off on this one, prompted by the Metro’s front page on Budget Day earlier this year. One of these is Cllr David Perry, leader of the Labour Group, whilst the other is Pub Landlord comedian Al Murray. Uncanny likeness, no?


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  1. j p hobbs

    Yes Al Murray would have more knowledge of how to run the country than Fred Millipede .&Co

  2. Harrow Dude

    Will this spot the difference will be extended to include lookie-likleys of our illustrious leader Susie?

  3. John Clement

    One of them is a really good bloke who makes a big contribution to improving morale and quality of life, the other is a Harrow councillor.

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Does anyone have any ideas as to whom would be a good doppleganger for Hussain Akthar? He says people go around impersonating him – see Hussaingate above. The folk in Wealdstone will want to know if the man in speedos is the potential candidate for Wealdstone and not an imposter!

    Maybe Debbie Harry as a dopplegang for Susan Hall.

  5. King David

    Ha ha well done Paul. At least he will know his beer grom his ale – no capital and revenue mixed up!

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