Mar 19 2013

Spotted on LinkedIn: How Literate is your Local Councillor III

phil_odellCllr Phillip O’Dell has an interesting LinkedIn profile that has become worthy of our review. LinkedIn is, as many will know, the “grown-up” version of Facebook, aimed at professional networking – you know, making contacts, seeking jobs, posting your CV – that sort of thing. Given that so many people can see it, it does make sense to make sure that the content is accurately spelled, and that it reflects the impression that you’d want to portray. In fact, the BBC notes that a single spelling error on a shopping website can slash sales by half. What does it do to someone’s credibility?

Phil – yes, him of the Champagne Phil fame – hasn’t actually given his LinkedIn profile the polish it might, perhaps, deserve.

Here’s a couple of screen shots – the ‘red pen’ is ours.



Thanks to the anonymous reader for the tip off. If you’ve got any examples of Harrow Councillors’ literacy, please let us know at info@iharrow.com.



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