Jan 23 2013

Spotted on Twitter: How Literate is your Local Councillor

cllr_kareema_marikarTwitter. Hardly the backbone of literacy and well-composed verse – not in 140 characters, anyway – but we couldn’t let this one pass us by, not when we’d expect a local councillor to achieve at least a reasonable degree of literacy.

In response to a tweet from a recent article about Harrow’s Tory group saying that the Council Tax support scheme impacts the vulnerable  we got this back from Cllr Kareema Marikar (Labour, West Harrow) who can be found, inexplicably, as @sonycentr.

@iharrow I don’t think so. Your party should have not done cuts so quickly,,vanarable no what is write and wrong,,so I disagree

My party?!? Looking at other gems from her, we saw this:

@HarrowYP you said the write thing


You are absently correct , I think this Torie government think like that as they bunch of outer of space people,,,,,,,,hhaaaa

…or how about this one:

Harrow did a big fundraising r. For the needy Plastiean for medical supplies. Harrow people dig deep in to there pockets

What the hell is going on?  More can be found on @sonycentr’s twitter page, here. Our advice: leave Twitter to the youngsters.

Updated 25.01.2013 18.12: Cllr Marikar has now deleted those tweets, and changed her profile picture from that shown, but receives some useful advice from @JohnCFish17:


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    Wow, you wonder what people were thinking to have voted Cllr Marikar onto the council in the first place!

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