May 12 2014

St Ann’s Road – New Pavements Vandalised by Contactors?

Two weeks ago, we wrote about how St Ann’s Road had been dug up, mere days almost after the great fanfare of completion. At the time, the Council advised that the cause of the work was emergency repairs to the power network along the road, and Council Leader Susan Hall said that she “…can assure residents that it will be done correctly…”

So, today – and surely, two weeks is ample time for Harrow’s central shopping area to have received the attention is deserves – we had another look. The barriers have gone, the piles of dug-up earth have been put back, but someone has clearly decided that nice black bitumen tarmac blends in nicely!


Hopefully, this is only a temporary blight on the town centre, and that it won’t become a permanent attraction. Cllr Hall was furious to learn of the earlier attack on her sparkly new pavements; we can only imagine she’s now reaching a point of despair!


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    rayners lane was repavede about 6 yrs ago within 6 mths many kerbs needed replacing/
    last year due to gas work whole rayners lane repaved again outside the station and into alex ave, 40% of the paving slabs are broken due to shoddy work and are lifting
    Is there any fine or guarantees for these contractors to return to put damage right, perhaps the council could tell ,public what the penalties for contract work are/ shoddy pavements seem to be all over london

    1. Keith

      I agree with the Old gentleman!

  2. Harrow Dude

    Susie was quoted as saying

    ” This I can assure readers will be reinstated correctly at a cost to UKPN not the Council. UKPN are also responsible for not back filling correctly by Katie’s statue which is why the reinstatement is not finished there either. I have spoken to the lead engineer this afternoon and he and I will be inspecting when works are finished and I can assure residents that it will be done correctly,”

    I can only presume that the job is not finished…Over to you Susie

  3. Susan Hall

    Correct it’s not finished. The paving slabs were broken and have been ordered, meanwhile to make it safe it has been temporally filled. This I am sure you are aware of anyway, sad that you just want to throw stones, totally unproductive but I suppose if it makes you happy…….

    1. Harrow Dude

      Susie I am not throwing stones (or paving slabs as it happens) but i am surprised that there were none left over from the refurb. Surely someone had the good sense to order the required slabs as soon as they were broken on removal. What’s the ETA Susie?

    2. freeman

      talking of throwing could sue please throw some light on her involvement with iclei and agenda 21 and the draconian regime that both have planned

  4. Susan Hall

    I have no involvement with either and really don’t know what you or the other contributor are talking about

  5. freeman

    oh really susan so why have harrow council signed up to agenda 21 which will be locally enforced by iclei if you are claiming seriously that you have no idea about these oginiziations then i suggest you step down or do some serious homework pronto this is the sort of thing that you should have a real handle on not paving stones

  6. Harrow Dude

    Susie I hope that you are chasing up that order because this temporary measure seems to be deteriorating by the day.
    How much longer before those slabs turn up. I presume this is still of importance to you or has responsibility now been passed to your successor?

  7. Susan Hall

    As you well know the slabs are on order

  8. Harrow Dude

    On order from where? A lost tribe in the Amazon rain forest.
    Over £2million spent on refurbishing the Town Centre and you are still waiting for a few extra replacement slabs suggests something is not quite right, I’m sure you would agree Susie?

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