Nov 08 2012

Stanmore Country Park – Now 60 acres bigger!

Breathtaking views of the capital never seen before by the public have been unlocked by Harrow Council thanks to a landmark deal.

Stanmore Country Park will open its gates in December next year for the public to enjoy some of the most panoramic views of London for the first time ever. Visitors will be able to take in the Shard in Southwark, Wembley Stadium, the BT Telecom Tower in Westminster , the London Eye in Lambeth, and Big Ben.

Harrow Council concluded a transaction which adds approximately 69 acres of green belt land to Stanmore Country Park . The Council leased Wood Farm to Stanmore Dairies Ltd and these two leases have now been surrendered back to the local authority. As a result the Council is now able to extend Stanmore Country Park by 60 acres as well as adding nine acres to Pear Wood with potential to form an enlarged nature reserve.

Stanmore Country Park is a large nature reserve immediately north of Stanmore town centre. On warm summer weekends it is busy with walkers and visitors; on a frosty winter’s day it can be deserted of people but loud with passing birds and foraging muntjak deer. The reserve is open all year round and welcomes all visitors.

Source: Harrow Council

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