May 14 2013

Statement from Harrow Labour Group: We’re upset.

labour_roseStatement on behalf of Harrow Labour Group:

It is with huge regret to hear of the formation of an Independent Group of Councillors on Harrow Council.

At the recent Annual General Meeting both Cllr. David Perry and Cllr. Thaya Idaikkadar set out a vision for the year ahead and presented policy ideas and suggestions to improve Council services for the residents of the Borough. Following speeches and an extensive question and answer session, the Labour Group voted to elect Cllr. David Perry as the Leader of the Labour Group for the coming year.

The Labour Group Leadership election is an annual process which occurs at our AGM meeting in April.

All positions are elected within the Harrow Labour Group and all colleagues are encouraged to submit a nomination for any position for the upcoming year.

We feel extremely disappointed that a small minority of Councillors have failed to accept the Labour Group democratic decision following the fair and transparent election for the Labour Group Leadership.

The Labour Group categorically deny and challenge the accusations that Cllr. Idaikkadar or anyone else has been discriminated against in any way, shape or form. The Labour Group and Party in Harrow have a proven track record in representing all diverse communities in Harrow.

In recent years the Labour Group have proudly elected Cabinet Members, Mayors, Leader and Deputy Leaders from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

We are very concerned that the poorest and most in need in Harrow will suffer under this Independent / Conservative supported Group running Harrow Council. Over the past 3 years in administration the Labour Group have actively protected the services in the Borough the poorest rely upon. These priorities are not the priorities of the Tory Group in Harrow.

The Labour Ward Councillors are fully committed to working hard and delivering for the residents of Harrow and will not allow this development to lose our focus.

Cllr. David Perry – Leader of the Harrow Labour Group said:  “I strongly deny and would challenge the negative unfounded accusations of discrimination made against myself and the Labour Group in Harrow. Every year the Labour Party holds an Annual General Meeting where all positions are elected, in a fair and transparent process. At those AGM meetings all members are encouraged to come forward and submit nominations for positions they feel they can make a positive difference in.”

He continued, “I submitted my nomination for the Leader’s position and presented a clear and dynamic vision, and I was successfully democratically elected by my colleagues. It’s as simple as that. Over many years, I have personally thoroughly enjoyed working with all communities in Harrow. I have a proven record over the past 2 years in particular whilst working as the Portfolio Holder for Community & Culture. My work has brought communities together and I have enjoyed this work immensely.”

He finished, “In my role as the Leader of the Labour Group in Harrow I shall continue to fight against the Conservative Government cuts which are being inflicted on Harrow Council. I and all my Labour colleagues will not lose our focus in standing up for all residents, and especially those who are most in need”.

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