Oct 28 2013

Storm Update from Harrow Council

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council have provided the following information concerning the stormy events overnight:

In Harrow, there was widespread disruption on roads with reports of at least 90 trees down.

Council leader, Susan Hall said:

“Our cleaning teams and tree specialists have been out since 6am but these reports are coming in thick and fast – we are working flat out but people should be braced for considerable travel headaches”

Reporting a fallen tree

The council will only deal with trees that are on public land or the road. If you are reporting a fallen tree on the road, please email publicrealm@harrow.gov.uk with the  following information.

  1. House number and address
  2. Is it a tree or branch and size (large medium or small)?
  3. Is it blocking a road or footpath or has it hit a car or house?

Bin collections

Our bins will be collected as per the schedule; although the collection crew will have to proceed with care due to the adverse weather conditions.

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  1. Peter T

    There were 2 or 3 trees down in Roxbourne Park around 7 am this morning with lots of branches twigs and tree debris scattered all over the park – mostly in the top field bordered by the Uxbridge Branch Line and also down by the Pavilion.

    It’s the usual practice in Roxbourne Park for tree trunks cut down or blown over to be left where they fell or be dragged to the boundary until they are overwhelmed by brambles and disappear.

    I hope under the new regime the fallen trees and debris can be chipped and the results thrown over some of the treacherous muddy footpaths that exist because the asphalt has worn away. Mud so thick and slippery that it caused one dog-walking pensioner to fall and break a collar bone last year and another coated and covered top-toe in mud to exit saying “I’m alright, I’m alright – it’s just that every time I tried to get up I fell over again”.

    What was unexpected this morning was the arrival of a tractor mower that made a start grass cutting on the top field. Given the storm forecast and the expected amount of rain and accompanying damage the arrival of the mower was surprising – suggesting a lack of planning and foresight apart from the risk to the wet ground and damage to the mower.

    Mowing in last spring’s torrential rain caused the blades to lock on the wet grass and a great swathe of the turf on a football pitch/cricket outfield to be ripped out.

  2. Praxis Reform

    I wonder how much more disrupted things might have been if there hadn’t already been a team going round Harrow clearing up the worst areas, before this storm?

    1. Harrow Dude

      Behave yourself the level of disruption would have been exactly the same because you can have all the ‘extra’ teams you can suddenly find money for (where did it come from?). the fact is the trees in Harrow have not been maintained to an acceptable standard for years…

  3. sonoo malkani

    Good to see the damage being sorted and fallen trees cleared as fast as possible.Emailing is probably the best way of getting this sorted since they are very busy taking calls.We had a branch fallen at the start of Central Avenue and a tree uprooted in the same street plus one in Church Avenue—Pinner.I expect these will be cleared as soon as is feasible with 90 or more trees down in the borough.The teams are working hard to get us back to normal.

  4. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Well done to Harrow’s staff and Cllr Susan Hall for getting things done. I have no doubt that had Labour still be in we’d be bombarded by squawks about “the cuts” by Cllr Sachin Polly Parrot

  5. j p hobbs

    Brookshill from Uxbridge road up to the Alpine traffic lights at Bushey remained very dangerous all day , every time there is a storm many trees come down into the road , a lot of these trees are dying or half dead and hang over the road , it is a very bendy narrow road with heavy traffic and the top half 40 MPH many people go quite a bit quicker , I do believe this should be looked at before someone dies… not after . This is not a complaint just a suggestion . overall the clearing was OK elsewhere in Harrow .

  6. Susan Hall

    Very sadly Harrow has lost over 400 street trees (so far logged), this will probably increase as reports are still coming in. We have prioritised as best we can and are disappointed that we have still not managed to clear them all. I apologise to those that are still suffering from the storm and its consequence and assure you that we are working as quickly as possible.

    With regard to the trees, I have been complaining for a couple of years that not enough investment has gone into our 300,000 trees and that’s something I will attempt to address in the next budget

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