Dec 18 2013

Subletting of Council homes is now a Criminal Offence

harrow_council_logoUnder new legislation it has become a criminal offence for secure tenants of the council (or assured tenants of social landlords) to sub-let their properties. Subletting/ tenancy fraud now carries the risk of a 2 year prison sentence and a £50,000 fine. Harrow Council has been working for some time to identify any of its 5,000 rented properties that are not occupied by the intended tenant.

Measures we take include:

  • Employing a specialist officer to carry out door step visits to check on occupancy
  • Taking photographs of tenants and storing these on our tenancy records system
  • Working closely with the corporate anti –fraud team to share information and carry out investigations where there is a suspicion of fraud
  • Publicising the issue in the tenants’ magazine and other communications
  • Offering a key amnesty in the month of November 2013 for any person wishing to return their keys on a ‘no questions asked’ basis.

Joint working by Housing and the corporate fraud team led to the recovery of 24 homes at April 2013; these much needed homes are then let to high priority families on the housing register, providing huge benefits to them and saving the council money that it might otherwise have to spend on providing bed and breakfast for homeless families.

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Couldn’t have come sooner!Thank goodness we now have the powers to pursue fraudulent tenants and save tax-payers monies.Well done!

  2. John Clement

    Please check on all of the residents of Station Parade, Northolt Road South Harrow. Something must be done to drag this area out of the slums.

  3. Mike McFadden

    About time. I know of two families who moved out of England but still let their council properties and have family collecting rents. One council didn’t want to know as if they were aware tenants were doing this.

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