Feb 07 2015

Supreme Leader Announces Walkabout in Peoples Republic of Harrow

20150207_leaders_walkaboutSupreme Leader David has announced several walkabouts in the Republic of Harrow over the next six months. During these brief visits – on the two days a week that the Glorious Leader devotes to the Republic – residents of the Republic will be permitted a short meeting to offer praise and/or gifts. The Leader will likely be surrounded by his Generals making frantic notes, and ensuring that no commitments or promises are made.

  • 17th February, 5:30pm to 7:30pm – Grange Farm Estate Community Hall (Harrow on the Hill)
  • 5th March, 5:30pm to 7:30pm – St Alban’s Church (Headstone North)
  • 24th March, 4pm to 6pm – Belmont Community Hall (Belmont)
  • 2nd April, 9am to 11am – Daisy’s in the Park Café (Pinner South)
  • 16th April, from 12pm to 2pm – The Beacon Centre (Rayners Lane)
  • 30th April, 1pm to 3pm – Harrow Arts Centre (Hatch End)
  • 14th May, 9am to 11am – Harrow Leisure Centre (Marlborough)
  • 26th May, 4pm to 6pm – Knave café, St John’s Church (Greenhill)
  • 9th June, 2pm to 4pm – Pinner Library (Pinner)
  • 25th June, 3.30pm to 5.30pm – The Lodge (Headstone South)

20150207_leaders_walkabout_koreanIf any residents have any long-standing issues, such as housing concerns, problems with Council Tax, or persistent fly-tipping, please get in contact and book an appointment at leaders.appointments@harrow.gov.uk


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  1. Concerned Harrovian


    i did not know you spoke the North Korean language so fluently. Are residents expected to adopt the same hair style ( Kim Jong-un instructed all N. Koreans to adopt his hairstyle) as our leader?

    Also I think we should avoid all mention of relatives in view of what happened to Kim Jong-un’s uncle. Woof Woof.

  2. Bill Phillips

    If you are going to use cut and paste to put someone’s head on another’s body, can you at least use a decent image editor so that we can’t see the join. It’s quite spoilt the joke’s punchline.

  3. Anne Jones

    Whilst the cut & paste technique used is the not the best I have seen neither is it the worse & I have to disagree with Mr Bill Phillips this does not spoil the punchline one iota.& the visual as a whole compensates as within that is the punchline.

    One would assume that iharrow is a pro Tory blog & Mr Phillips is a Labour supporter who feels it is necessary to make a comment.

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