May 05 2015

Susan Say: Harrow School Proposes Massive Changes on The Hill

susan_hall_2Last week, I went with my colleagues and Harrow on the Hill councillors June Baxter and Barry Macleod-Cullinane to a Council-organised consultation event about the Harrow School Supplementary Planning Document. That may not sound like the most exciting way to spend a Friday night, but this document is deceptively important – setting out the future of the area around Harrow School. It proposes new buildings, changes to roads and pedestrianised areas, significant landscaping and additional parking provisions.

I have my own views on these proposals, but what I couldn’t help noticing was how angry some of the local residents were with some of the ideas that have been put forward. No doubt some may be happy with the plans, but it often tends to be those against something who speak out more. Several others have been in contact with me after the event, too. Their comments have ranged from thinking the road changes will actually make the traffic problems on the hill much worse, to concerns that although its a 20 year plan the last years are about the landscaping and the fundamental changes would occur relatively quickly. Happily, I believe the consultation date has now been extended until 22nd May.

So I penned this, not only to draw attention to the document and the consultation – which you can complete and read here (http://harrow-consult. limehouse.co.uk/portal/ planning/harrow_school_spd_ consultation?tab=files) – if interested. But also to say that if anyone else wanted to pass on to me their comments, concerns or issues about these proposals I’d be more than happy to lend an ear, and to feed your views back to the Council if you’d like me to. I’ve done this in the past for issues ranging from school expansions to controlled parking zones, and residents have found it useful to have one point of contact who can both collate views and make sure people are kept informed. My details are: susanmaryhall@gmail.com  and 07860 742 093.

Harrow on the Hill is one of our borough’s most treasured areas – in terms of aesthetics, architecture and historical significance there are very few places in the whole of north west London which can match it. It’s also a place where people live, work and go to school – some of the most fundamental things in life. Therefore, any proposals to change it deserve the highest levels of scrutiny and the maximum possible engagement with residents.

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  1. Someonewhocares

    Is not Harrow School protected with multiple protective layers of long-standing Covenants anyway? Similarly Harrow School ‘owns’ much of the land itself of course.

    Suggest we all look at the plans and comment further; Good to see you actually posted up the relevant links this time Cllr. Hall, makes it seem a lot less of a ‘sour-grapes suzie’ issue, thanks.

  2. Mike Bradley

    Unfortunately the link shown has an error in it and so doesn’t work. Use this instead – I have checked it!

  3. Mike Bradley

    My link does get you to the intended site. Unfortunately Harrow Council’s link on that page doesn’t work. I’ll email them and hope for a correct link – but, in the meantime, don’t hold your breath!

  4. Mike Bradley

    Sorry – I got the latter comment wrong. You have to ignore the (far more prominent) @View and Comment’ banner and look further down the page to the ‘tab’

  5. Someonewhocares

    Alternatively Mike just try:-


    1. Someonewhocares

      – Still wrong ! (incorrect ‘4’ at the beginning), so instead it should have been:-


      Note also that the Consultation period is now extended from May 1st. to May 31st, too !

  6. Someonewhocares

    Or even the original link posted, but suitably corrected:-


  7. Someonewhocares

    If you download the related Document you can see (page 20) they plan to build on the (public) Golf Course as an ‘academic core’ – and also on a site S-W of the School for Staff Accommodation and so on. This look likes the basic expansion of pupil/staff capacities, much as would be expected, and previously discussed so I am not sure why this has now suddenly become a ‘hot news item’!

  8. Susan Hall

    Residents are particularly concerned regarding the parking and traffic issues as well of course of other things. ‘Someonewhocares’ as we have no idea who you are do you live on the Hill? You constantly lambaste me but at least everyone knows (or can look up) who I am, I dont hide behind a name.

  9. Someonewhocares

    I think ALL residents across ALL of Harrow are concerned about parking and traffic here: Why is this any different? You do not have to live on’ the Hill’ (or for that matter ‘have a name’) to care. Again these plans for Harrow School expansion have been under discussion for some years now as you know, and your somewhat ‘alarmist’ attempts to now use these for political gain are not impressive, either! Incidentally what exactly does your phrase ‘deceptively important’ mean? ‘Lambast’ or ‘lambaste’? (Never mind).

    Harrow School is a ‘business’, albeit an unusual one, and so it may be more inappropriate to *stop* it expanding, rather than preventing this, surely? (‘Free Market Forces’ and all that)

    1. richard ramirez

      oh well said thats you told susan and you couldn’t hide if you wanted to which you don’t because you are too busy pouring buckets of water? over your head and parading around online with accompanying photo now we must leave our egos at the door susie on the hill or hatch end old girl x

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