Nov 20 2012

Susan Says: Call for Cllr David Gawn to Stand Down

Following on from the appearance in court of Cllr David Gawn (Labour, Harrow on the Hill) and yesterday’s plea of guilty to charges that he “dishonestly and intentionally made a representation which was untrue or misleading”, Harrow’s Conservative Group leader, Cll Susan Hall has appealed to him to stand down:

Cllr Hall, went on: “We have to wait until December for the sentencing decision, which may or may not determine whether Cllr. Gawn can legally continue on the Council or not, but I think it would be appropriate if he were to stand down voluntarily before then.

Councillors are community leaders and representatives, and this carries with it a degree of trust and responsibility – residents rightly deserve better from us. Cllr. Gawn has betrayed this trust through his actions which, in my view, makes it extremely difficult for him to continue as a councillor.

It is very much a matter for Cllr. Gawn, but given the seriousness of the offence he has admitted to I think he should be expected to step down.”

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