Aug 28 2015

Susan Says: Harrow Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Meeting – September 3, 2015

susan_hall_2Harrow residents are welcome to attend the meeting of the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 3rd September, at 7.30pm. This special meeting has been organised so that councillors from all sides can quiz Council Leader Cllr. David Perry and Chief Executive Michael Lockwood on their plans, strategies and policies for the year ahead.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Susan Hall said: “The Council’s Labour administration have made some big announcements recently, particularly about the regeneration of Harrow and changes to how the Council will do things and provide services in the future. This is an opportunity for us to find out more about how it will all work and to prod the plans for any weaknesses. Unlike a normal meeting residents can’t ask questions on Thursday, but if anyone has any issues they’d like us to raise on the night just send me an email and I’ll see what we can do.”

Residents can ask questions at normal O&S meetings – but not this one – as well as meetings of several other Council committees, by emailing publicquestions@harrow.gov.uk.

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  1. Christopher Langley

    Susan, thank you for the info.

    Perhaps you could also find out which properties Harrow Council are going to purchase, where they are, where the money is comming from and how do these purchases constitute savings? Per Cllr David Perry blog highlighting savings made by Harrow Council.

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