Sep 03 2015

Susan Says: Hell Hath No Fury… An Open Letter to Dave

susan_hall_2Dear David,

On 8th September, interviews will take place at Harrow Council for the Corporate Director responsible, among very many other things, for looking after parks, bin collections, libraries, street cleaning and crime prevention.

You are proceeding with this date despite the fact that, alongside myself as opposition Leader and shadow for environment/community safety services, neither our Deputy and finance shadow, nor our performance/corporate services shadow can attend. We were not consulted on this date and our offers of alternatives were ignored, seemingly so the meeting can take place on one of the two days a week you bother to grace the Council with your presence.

Given the cuts your Labour administration is making to many of these services you might not think they are important, but I can assure you that we and Harrow residents think otherwise. Therefore, candidates for this position should have the opportunity to properly engage with the leadership and appropriate service shadows from all Groups before appointments are made. Previous Council Leaders from all parties understood the value and importance of this, and it is most unfortunate that you do not.

Labour’s controversial re-hiring of the Council’s former Chief Executive, at great expense and following a recruitment process so farcical and discreditable it featured in Private Eye’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column, set a new benchmark in how not to hire senior officers in local government. With the opposition leadership being physically side-lined from the latest round of interviews –after our scores were discounted during the Chief Executive recruitment – I am most concerned that Harrow’s reputation will be further tarnished, and that our residents will suffer if an inappropriate or unqualified appointment is made.


Cllr. Susan Hall

Leader of the Conservative Group

Harrow Council

Footnote: We have asked Dave if he’d like to reply publicly; if he does, we’ll publish his reply.

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  1. Elijah Traven

    Usual Tory rubbish. Harrow has 41 Labour councillors to 25 Tories. That’s the choice of the voters. It is a clear 16 lead. Tories should learn how to conduct themselves in Harrow, then they might get better treatment from the Labour Party. Tories are howling in the local media all the time, they are a disgrace. Sue should get herself another job, as a parking warden. That’s her level.

  2. ricky123

    Elijah, I just hope for your sake you are using a fictitious name on here because if you are using your real name and anyone that reads it knows you, you have just embarrassed yourself beyond repair with that comment.

  3. Susan Hall

    Elijah please at least get your facts correct. There are 26 Conservative members two Independents one Lib Dem and 34 Labour and since you brought this up more people voted Conservative in the last Local election than Labour but alas they are in greater volume in the north of the borough hence we did not get the numbers in various wards required to run the Council.

    As for comparing me with a traffic warden I have no problem with that at all. They are hard working men and women who are doing a job.

    I will continue to ‘howl’ in the media because in my view Labour are making a pigs ear of running our Borough and our good residents should be made aware of that.

    1. Elijah Traven

      It was an unfortunate counting error. Still, I am fed up with the council leader being referred to as Dave by iharrow.com. The actual Dave is Call Me Dave, David bloody Cameon pretending to be a man of the people. He is nothing of the kind. Labour swept the Tories aside in the local elections in London in 2014 and hammered them in the general election in London in May. It was a major Tory defeat. Luckily for them they made unexpected gains elsewhere and maintained their strongholds. Next step is Labour winning the mayor race next year. Dear Councillor Hall, you are at your high point in Harrow. The natural cycle will see to that. Plus Jeremy Corbyn inspiring the Labour Party. Under his reformed leadership we will get major gains for Labour. When a party membership expands votes always follow. As with the SNP and Greeen Party. You will never be council leader in Harrow and neither will any other Tory. And like you I always use my real name in social media. I’m proud of my name. It’s distinctive. I’m as English as you (unless you’re Welsh, Irish or Scots which is fine) and want England to be independent and monarchy free. It’s time for an English Republic.

  4. stainglass44

    God help us if Susan Hall and her friends on the Planning Committee ever get back into power. We all took part in a consultation here in PINNERWOOD PARK So called conservation area some time ago Out of about 320 or so households took part, 300 of them wanted changes to the area’s outdated rules that we are under concerning up-dating our cold, damp houses with rotting windows with extremely high electricity and gas bill into the 21 century but we were refused Only 8 residents wanted to keep the Status Quo. One of her councils so called consultations, where we all take the time to take part in, and as usual the decision had already been made on the subject by her and her friends. Result no one in the PINNERWOOD PARK conservation area will ever take part in and future consultations ever again, and most people will just go ahead updating their houses without applying for planning permission like I will be doing.

    1. Elijah Traven

      Thank you. The Tories in Harrow are perfectly described by you. Their words don’t match their deeds. And don’t worry she will never get back in power. Harrow is Labour for decades to come. Councillor Susan Hall is perfectly coiffured and composed but this is just the front for very shady business and political interests as with all Tories councillors and MPs. They pick perfect candidates but it’s all looks and smiles with them. I have a sister just like her in Hessle. She could be her double. Well off and settled and sod everyone else. And a complete Tory. They think only of themselves. They should get together. They would get on like a house on fire. Well done Harrow for electing a Labour council. And especially well done to the council leader.

      1. Kelly

        Firstly you sound like a very bitter man tut tut, and secondly ‘well done to the council leader’, he who works only 2 days a week, and flies in the face of the residents? Elijah what planet do you live on?

  5. Concerned Harrovian


    I am shocked that you used the term parking warden as an insult. I would have thought you would be encouraging of working people not sneering at them as plebs.The only time you should look down on people is if they have fallen over and you are giving them a hand up.

    I agree with ricky 123 you have embarrassed yourself and the party you represent. How can voters feel OK about voting for you when you name call like a child in the playground? Please ask Dave if he can send you on a course in good manners.

  6. Concerned Harrovian


    I wonder how the parking wardens, who have voted for the Labour party, feel when they are told by you that the job of a parking warden is the lowest you can get in society?. Are you a parking warden or do you consider that you are at an elevated level from the all the voting folks in Harrow?

    I was unaware that leader Dave promoted sneering and looking down on people as a core belief of the Harrow Labour party. Perhaps he or another Labour councillor could assure voters that this forms no part of their beliefs..

  7. Elijah Traven

    From Harrow School? And you wore that uniform? Parking wardens are not always liked. In fact many drivers hate them and see them as money grabbing pests. We should reform this system. City councils use parking fines as revenue so there’s an incentive to collect as much as they can. It’s a tax on already over taxed people. Where do they think the money’s coming from? It means less is spent in the local economy and so business suffers. Everyone suffers. I am no wishy washy liberal. I say what I think and mean what I say. In a socialist republic we wouldn’t have these parking warden pests. We would have less traffic. Much of it is wasteful travel. We would clear the roads of cars or at least very much reduce them. Public transport would clean up the environment. We wouldn’t have private schools. We would have an integrated system of education. It’s you who have embarrassed yourselves. Wearing those laugh out loud uniforms and teaching you God knows what. Who will rid this land of honey and roses of Conservatives? With your DWP minister mass murdering the sick and disabled. Call Me Dave will find himself at The Hague one day. Accused of crimes against humanity. Harrow will remain Labour forever. Labour will be in power in 2020. This is your last dance.

  8. sonoo malkani

    Truly appalled at the language and comments from Elijah.It’s fine to be hold opposing viewpoints from another but not to hurl insults which are so unbecoming of any civilised being.Worse still when you personalise them.This is a new low!

    You need not go to Harrow School to learn basic good manners.Elijah you sound so bitter and jealous of those who are refined and carry themselves well–even slating your own sister.Learn to live and let live.Labour holding our Local Authority does not give any supporter to chuck rocks at the opposition.NOTHING lasts forever.

    Perhaps you may have noticed that the TORY party,whom you so openly hate,are the ELECTED GOVERNMENT for this Parliament.Why not accept GRACEFULLY that Harrow Council is Labour held and that the UK is Tory held ,for the present.We are still a democracy and have voting rights.Calm down.

    Please let us get on as peace-loving, decent citizens who co-operate and do what is in the best interests of our PUBLIC.

    No more slanging matches please!

  9. Willy Stoodley

    Elija’s grammer turn of phrase and lack of use if the definite article is extremely reminiscent of the former Tory then Labour then Independent Labour then Independent Cllr for Cannons – is he Hussain Aktar????

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