Sep 13 2013

Susan Says: ILG’s Administration ‘overstretched’

susan_hall_150x150Dear Editor,

Cllr. Thaya Idaikkadar’s letter in the local press on his administration’s decision to stop locking park and cemetery gates neatly encapsulates why we have called for change in the Council’s leadership. It’s not simply that we disagree with the decision; it’s a decision put through by an administration which is overstretched, and is not considering the implications of their choices.

Rather coldly, Cllr. Idaikkadar said ‘if someone wants to desecrate a grave then a fence is not going to stop them… they will find a way to get in.’ But does this mean the Council shouldn’t try to stop them; that it should essentially surrender our open spaces to those who wish us harm? Of course not, and I dread to think of the distress that would be caused by vandalism in our cemeteries, or assaults and drug offences in our parks.

Cllr. Idaikkadar says this decision is for the ‘greater good’ and is based on ‘clear evidence’. Many residents – such as those in Pinner South who protested at Cabinet, and a Residents’ Association in Greenhill which has written begging Independent Labour not to go ahead with this – clearly disagree. They also highlight why such a decision in Harrow is so very foolish; because our borough has a real problem with fear of crime, irrespective of whether the crime rate changes or not.

In concluding, Cllr. Idaikkadar boasted of the money this decision will save. I would therefore remind him of a familiar financial slogan: leaving parks and cemeteries unlocked – save £80,000; ensuring Harrow residents feel safe and secure – priceless.


Cllr. Susan Hall

Leader of the Conservative Group

Harrow Council

[notice]This letter was submitted prior to the recent U-turn by the ILG over leaving parks gates unlocked. However, it is still worthy of publication.[/notice]


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