May 23 2016

Susan Says: Is Labour’s Council Leader up to the Job?

susan_hall_2While Harrow residents face a 4% council tax hike, a £75 bin collection charge and service cuts across the board, the Council’s ruling Labour Group are looking after their own. At the authority’s Annual meeting last week, Labour announced that former Leader Cllr. David Perry is to sit as a non-executive member on Cabinet. At the meeting, Labour pushed through an eleventh-hour change to the Council’s constitution allowing them to appoint Cllr. Perry (who was succeeded as Council Leader by Cllr. Sachin Shah) to the role, and to pay him an allowance of nearly £7,000 a year. Since gaining control in 2014, the Labour Group has refused to appoint the opposition or the voluntary sector onto Cabinet as non-executive members, despite promises made before the local elections and in their manifesto that they would.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr. Susan Hall said: “It is cronyism of the worst kind, and the latest example of the appalling ‘jobs for the boys’ behaviour of this Labour administration. After all, this total waste of taxpayers’ money is brought to you by the same people who reappointed a Chief Executive who came third in the selection process. Labour now have 10 Cabinet members, 9 Cabinet assistants and 1 non-executive Cabinet member. At this rate they’re going to run out of councillors in their Group to give money to, and Harrow residents foot the bill for all of it.”

Cllr. Hall added: “There is a night and day difference between having the opposition or the voluntary sector on Cabinet, scrutinising reports and challenging decisions, and Labour having their former Leader on it telling them what a wonderful job they’re all doing. If Cllr. Shah isn’t comfortable being Leader without Cllr. Perry holding his hand then he’s clearly not up to the job. And either Cllr. Perry feels entitled to this unofficial pension for his 2-day-a-week service as Council Leader, or he won’t talk to his own colleagues unless they pay him to. It’s an absolutely shocking decision, and yet another which shows Labour’s utter contempt for Harrow residents.”

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  1. Concerned Harrovian


    Why hasn’t the highly paid Chief Executive stepped up to deal with the chaos that is brown bin collection? If you look on StreeLlife you will see endless complaints about the collection and the queues at the dump.

    Someone commented that it took them a TWO HOUR round trip from Pinner to visit the dump. And now a sign has been erected warning of heavy traffic in the area of the dump Whaaaat!!! -the council caused it!

    Nobody from the Council has put their hands up and said the buck stops here. Would you or Sue Hall use your investigative powers to find out just what is going on]?

    1. mike mcfadden

      The mayhem around the amenity site last Monday was outrageous. Oh what a mess Dave has caused with his garden waste tax! We are going to be hit with a 4% council tax hike. Yet the free-loaders labour encouraged into Harrow pay nothing except a token from their tax-payer hand out. Why can’t Labour get anything right? Tax and tax then tax and spend. Yet nothing they seem to do works. Is it because those that use the services don’t pay for them or is it because those that setup and spend our taxes are just useless? Harrow needs to address many issues regards the way Harrow council seems to deliberately mislead and ignore tax payers. We live in hope of better times. Ave a nice day.

  2. Melanie Lewis

    I think Councillor Hall should keep her remarks to herself at a time when she’s under scrutiny for her disclosure error. “Let he who is without sin…..”.

  3. Sonoo Malkani

    Melanie,it would be very useful if people don’t try and muzzle others so we can find out why this chaos is ongoing—even if it is Cllr Hall.She is being investigated,fine,but still retains the right and duty (as a Councillor and Leader of the Opposition) to dig out the information just as others are entitled to when there are questions concerning the larger community.

    Let us community -minded members not get embroiled in the politics.We only want a satisfactory and swift resolution to this painful problem and need some answers promptly.Perhaps someone would answer on Labour’s behalf.

    I don’t care WHO gives us the answers–so long as they are accurate and helpful to members of the public who are caught in the middle.Best nip the problem in the bud.

    1. Melanie Lewis

      Talk about ‘you scratch my back….’. You make my point in your first few sentences. Who is so arrogant that whilst under investigation for inappropriate behaviour, they criticise others for inappropriate behaviour? This is why we true Conservative voters are in despair. How can we possibly win votes with such high handed and egocentric leadership?

      1. red mirror

        bravo mel susan halls ego knows no bounds her photo really gives me the creeps it looks vampiric like an old bellagosi film poster

      2. mike mcfadden

        Run Susan Hall down as much as you like but at least she gets things done.

        1. red mirror

          cllrs are fair game if they dont like playing with the grown ups perhaps they should stay in their salons and wot not i do not believe the likes of hall need defending as for getting things done yeah she is good at that just a shame 90 percent of it is of the machiavellian variety so beware sycophants of the blue blazerd amnesic uber tory lest she forgets what boro is where.

  4. Sonoo Malkani

    You have got the wrong end of the stick Melanie!I am a humble community member and not aspiring for power and glory so there’s no need to speak about “scratching anyone’s back”.I had thought you must have known that by now.It is common knowledge that I do not believe in idle flattery nor do I stand back silently when uncalled for comments appear.I don’t believe in popularity contests.

    The trials and tribulations within our party,sadly,are well documented,as is within other political parties,too.I am a loyal Tory voter like yourself but feel that we must UNITE if we wish to win the hearts and minds of our public rather than throw darts at each other.Forgive me.This is not a personal attack ;merely my firm conviction if we wish to grab the reins of Harrow Council firmly back in our hands.We all could benefit enormously from a bit of humility.

  5. Marcello Borgese

    No politician is perfect, far from it, there are just different degrees of terribleness. The Tories are just the least terrible, that’s all. Compared to the dullards we have in control at the moment, Cllr Hall is a shining star. She would never have charged us for brown bin collection, nor increased council tax, nor re-hired an unnecessary chief-exec just to make a political point, nor allowed cllrs’ pay to be increased, has allowed opposition cllrs to sit in cabinet meetings and would certainly not allow a highly paid non-exec role to be created (I believe).

    There’s something very bad going on within the Harrow Labour party (actually, scrub out Harrow). It was odd that when Cllr Shah took over, he never mentioned the ‘good’ work his predecessor did, as is customary. Instead he stated the changes he was going to make, implying that Part-time Perry has achieved nothing. Perhaps a split was imminent (wouldn’t be the first time) and this ludicrous deal was stitched together.

    And to go back to the first contributor, what is the £170k p.a. chief-exec doing about all this chaos? Probably too busy flicking through yacht brochures.

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    It’s simply appalling to read the nasty comments and name calling by Red Mirror.We may love somebody to pieces or hate their guts.It may even be justified.However,must we stoop so low or be so venom -filled when attacking another? Have we lost our sense of dignity?

    How we speak reflects on who WE really are more than the person/persons we attack with such unbridled passion.Words have immense power to hurt or heal.Use them wisely.

    Nobody is perfect;some are better,some worse.Makes me grieve to see society losing its balance and behaving so badly.It’s not just Red Mirror.Seems to be fashionable to lash out.

    We are bombarded by a sea of comments on social media and other places which are nothing if not damaging to community relations.We simply CANNOT afford this.There must be some mechanism to root out such nastiness.Laws can only do so much.It is in our hands to control our utterings.

    Harmony is a hard-won invaluable prize,helping foster peace and friendship.This is turn leads to prosperity and success for the whole community.Let us always be mindful of this.

    I humbly urge you to please be CIVIL and speak your minds without being vile.It is perfectly possible.Otherwise we are contributing to disturbing the peace and harmony— the invisible glue keeping our peoples together.
    This has to be practiced by every single one of us,including myself.Only then will we see huge benefits.

    1. red mirror

      i will challenge and call out wrong doing and deception where ever i see it to not do so is cowardly and morally wrong thats the problem these days people cowed and afraid to stand up instead they would rather hide behind cliches and the fear of offending whatever deity it is that are shackled to AND let us not forget hall has made some nasty remarks herself but hey thats ok i suppose lets use a simple analogy to sum things up if you dont like being punched in the face dont join a boxing club instead buy a bag that does not retaliate you will never learn how to defend yourself but you wont ever get whacked back and FINALLY calm seas do not good sailors make .

      1. Sonoo Malkani

        You are perfectly entitled to your own opinion ,Red Mirror.All I humbly requested was a bit of CIVILITY.There is nothing COWARDLY about being polite.You may also recall that “Discretion is the better part of Valour” and that defending yourself is not about belittling another.

        Just stating the facts as OBJECTIVELY as you can,especially when some one deliberately offends your sense of justice/integrity,often gets a much better response than berating and mud-slinging.One has to try and rise above the obvious angry,offensive feelings which flood in and speak in a balanced manner as civilised human beings.

        1. red mirror

          i am sorry sonoo that you are blinded by civility and cant see the elephant /monster in the room please let me just give you a little caveat IF YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF A SHEEP YOU WILL BE EATEN BY WOLVES .maybe the next time i see injustice wrong doing perversion and corruption i will light some incense adopt a yoga pose and om chant while harrow descends into ever deeper chaos sounds like fun.

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