Feb 06 2013

Susan Says: Labour Councillors Claimed Allowances Before Admitting Guilt

susan_hall_150x150Two disgraced Harrow Labour councillors continued to claim taxpayer-funded allowances while dragging out legal proceedings, before finally admitting to serious crimes.

Cllr. Brian Gate, the former portfolio holder for Children, Schools and Families, continued to claim his basic allowance (£680 per month) from his arrest in September 2012 until his resignation in January 2013, after accepting a police caution for the possession of indecent images of children. Cllr. David Gawn, who first appeared in court in January 2012, and finally admitted to, and was convicted of, two counts of fraud in December 2012, has continued to claim his basic allowance throughout the legal proceedings and continues to do so.

It can also be revealed that the Council’s Labour Group continued to receive the (£3,581) per-councillor allowance in respect of Cllrs. Gate and Gawn to support the Labour Group office – despite the then Leader of the Labour Group insisting Cllr. Gate had been ‘administratively suspended’ after his arrest. Eventually, Cllr. Gawn formally resigned from the Labour Group on 25th January 2013. This information was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request, submitted on the day Cllr. Gate resigned from the Council.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Despite their guilt, they both continued taking taxpayers’ money.[/pullquote]Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Conservative Group, said: “As if the criminality of Cllrs. Gate and Gawn wasn’t bad enough, it’s now clear that, despite their guilt, they both continued taking taxpayers’ money. This is outrageous, and I repeat my previous call for Cllr. Gawn to resign as a councillor. However, the Labour Group also has serious questions to answer. If Cllr. Gawn was apparently suspended from the Group by the Labour Party nationally and Cllr. Gate was ‘administratively suspended’, according to the previous Leader, why did Labour continue to receive their allowance payments into their Group budget?”

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    Absolutely disgraceful! Shame on both Cllrs mentioned and the Labour group for receiving the extra allowances. Heads need to roll on this one, and I would like to know apart from the disgusting behaviour of both Cllrs involved , who in the Labour Group is responsible for allowing this to happen? I am sick of Harrow Council already wasting taxpayers money, but this takes it to a different level altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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