May 08 2013

Susan Says: Labour Meltdown Not Unexpected

susan_hall_2In response to today’s news of the Harrow Labour Group splintering, the Leader of the Council’s Conservative Group, Cllr. Susan Hall, said: “We have already expressed our concern at the way the Labour Group attempted to ditch Cllr. Idaikkadar as Leader so soon after his appointment and without clear reason, and it now seems there may have been unsavoury motives behind their actions.

Knowing the members of the new Group as well as I do – some of whom informed me of their desire to split a few weeks ago – I know they have not made this decision lightly. Many of them are hard-working and long-standing councillors who have made serving Harrow residents their priority. That they feel they have been discriminated against is an appalling indictment of the Labour Group.

Conservatives believe in fairness and transparency; qualities which appear not to exist in the Labour Group. We therefore support and welcome the decision of these councillors to form their own Group, to make their voices heard, and to take a stand.”

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