Nov 11 2014

Susan Says: Labour Plan to Cut Harrow’s Dog Waste Bins… Again

susan_hall_2Harrow Council’s Labour administration is planning to remove the specialist dog waste bins from the boroughs parks, a move which has been condemned as “disgraceful” by the Conservative opposition. The proposed service cut has resurfaced two years after featuring in Labour’s 2013 budget – a decision which was overruled by subsequent Independent Labour and Conservative administrations. The Conservative 2014-15 budget contained £35,000 of funding to pay for the bins for the whole year, but the Council’s new Labour administration has now sealed the bins in two parks to test the public’s reaction.

Conservative Group Leader and Environment spokesman Cllr. Susan Hall said: “We’ve heard from residents directly how much they value these bins, and it’s disgraceful Labour are yet again planning to do away with them. I visited Pinner Village Gardens myself to have a look, and I was appalled to see residents are being asked to put dog waste in normal litter bins – it’s so unhygienic!”

Cllr. Hall added: “Why do Labour hate our parks so much? Whereas we put funding in the budget to ensure our parks would be looked after and to pay for these dog waste bins, the moment Labour get in they consult on letting the parks get dirty and start sneaky trials to see if anyone notices if they seal the bins up. Well I can assure Labour that residents are noticing, and they’re not happy!”

20141111_dog_pooCllr. Hall concluded: “With Labour reemploying a Chief Executive who will be paid more in 3 months than the cost of providing these bins across the whole of Harrow for an entire year, it just show how horridly misplaced their priorities are. Last time Harrow residents were united in their opposition to this ridiculous proposal. I hope they will make their voices heard yet again, and that Labour listen to what they’re saying.”

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Surely less than careful disposal of dog faeces exposes children,adults and the council cleaning team to toxocariasis..

    Why put the folk of the borough at risk? Savings could be made by cutting the Chief Executive post and cancelling the 3 million spend on PR to enhance the administration’s image.

    The borough is already a laughing stock in the national press. Now we will have the reputation for being the dirtiest borough with unlocked parks and knee high grass and stinking waste bins.

    I suspect a hidden agenda because as less people use the dirty parks they can then claim to be no longer wanted.

    The land would then be sold off to fund the next crazy scheme.

    1. Angelina

      Could not have put it better myself!

  2. j p hobbs

    Well I am sure Harrow Labour know all about dogging

  3. Susan Hall

    Chatting to a colleague tonight about this latest farce he shook his head and said ‘ Susan the problem is the Borough is going to the dogs but the dogs now have nowhere to go! Very apt given this particular subject. You have to laugh or you wold cry!!

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Oh my Mr Hobbs you are a naughty man. What are you suggesting our upstanding Labour councillors get up to in Harrow borough? Is there some scandal we residents should know about?

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