Jan 29 2015

Susan Says: Labour Promise One Thing and Do Nothing

susan_hall_2Dear Cllr. Perry,

At the Cabinet meeting on 11th December 2014, I asked Environment, Crime and Community Safety portfolio holder Cllr. Varsha Parmar a question about your administration’s introduction of zonal cleaning from 1st January – a system which will mean many of Harrow’s residential streets are cleaned less regularly.

Following up on a commitment Cllr. Parmar had given in July that residents whose streets would be cleaned less would be informed as such, I asked “can you confirm that you have written to those residents to tell them to expect a dip in service?” Cllr. Parmar’s response was very clear: “We are in the process of doing that.”

At Cabinet on 15th January 2015, I followed-up on this question, asking Cllr. Parmar how many household had been written to so far. I was frankly astonished to be told: “Instead of writing to a small number of residents, we’ve decided to open this information to all our residents in the borough by putting it online.”

Leaving aside the fact that zonal cleaning will likely impact the majority of residents rather than a ‘small number’, I’m sure you will agree that it is completely unacceptable for a Cabinet member to state your administration is doing something, only to reveal a month later that you aren’t doing it at all – and have actually gone for a much less informative option. It begs the question, if we as the opposition are not being told the truth by members of your administration, why should Harrow residents believe anything you tell them, either?


Cllr. Susan Hall
Leader of the Conservative Group
Harrow Council

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  1. j p hobbs

    RATTUS NORVEGICUS will be happy , well done Harrow Labour .

  2. Cllr Manji Kara

    It is all about transparency and clear, timely communiaction. This Labour administration has failed not only the residents but also fellow councillors. I wonder if the cabinet informs their own Labour members?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    This means that people without computer access will be denied knowledge of what is happening in their streets. After all they can longer go to four libraries for computer access as they are closing.

    As these people are paying council tax for street cleaning and also (1 million or 3 million even that is not clear) paying for PR they are being short changed. What is the PR machine doing when it can’t even inform residents what is happening

    Will the council be displaying this information on bus stops.via posters?

    Only one councillor (Susan Hall) has bothered to reply to my query asking if councillors would let us know (on this site) whether they are current in their council tax payments. What conclusion can we draw about the lack of response?

    Perhaps any councillor in council tax debt could offer to sweep the streets to reduce their balance owing.

  4. sonoo malkani

    It is very difficult to trust your Council when they do not deliver on promises made.In July 2014 Cllr Varsha Parmar,in charge of Environment,Crime & Community Safety promised to let all residents affected by a down-graded cleaning service for their streets be informed by HARROW COUNCIL but has failed to deliver that promise.On being questioned this January,she has changed her tune and has now decided to magnanimously let ALL Harrovians know courtesy of the COUNCIL WEBSITE.Please stop under-estimating our public,using fresh tricks.

    This may seem a great way to tick all the boxes,using short-cuts like this one and spend absolutely nothing.It is neither honest,nor fair.Your communication is, at best,poor.

    In their frenzy to make substantial cuts,Labour is taking liberties with unsuspecting citizens.Not every person has access to computers.Many are not familiar with computers nor can they afford to own one.In other words,they are automatically by-passed.This is not the democratic way forward.Happens too often and must be stopped.ONLINE communication should be an ADDITIONAL form of communication,not its main-stay.

    The majority of our residents will be adversely affected by the cuts to cleaning on their streets.They have the RIGHT TO KNOW.

    Do they realise the special NEW YEAR’S DAY gift our LABOUR COUNCIL has already bestowed upon most of us?Probably living in blissfull ignorance.WAKE UP HARROW.

    The portfolio holder must be aware of the serious implications of such cuts—–dirty,neglected streets INVITE and ATTRACT CRIME.Not only that,they are breeding grounds for infectious DISEASES and other ills which are too long to list.

    Harrow Council
    has a responsibility towards its residents who are tax-payers and must fulfill this honestly and fairly.It seems a chunk of their monies is being held in reserve for” self-serving” interests,including posters to brandish the opposition for everything they are themselves failing to deliver.

    TIme to come clean and let Harrovians have the full facts openly and honestly spelled out.

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