Jan 05 2017

Susan Says: Labour-run Harrow Council need to take fly-tipping seriously…

Fly-tipping affects us all. Labour-run Harrow Council need to look at long-term solutions and take it seriously. Residents are concerned. We are concerned. Councillor Susan Hall takes a look…


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  1. Martin Lever

    If Susan Hall was really concerned she would encourage the Council to do more without making out that the problem is a political issue

  2. Shambhu Gupta

    Fly tipping is not a Labour or Tory party issue. Cllr Susan is so hollow of ideas that she wants to make fly timmpimg a party political issue. It is a local as well as a national problem. It is a product of greed on the part of some. Waste collection and the civic amenity site in Christchurch Avenue are the best in London. It is so well designed to recycle a range of materials. Be it metal, mattress or garden waste or cooking oil.

    It is also ignorance on the part of some. Some people will pay these cowboys to take away their extra waste. These cowboys will then go and dump it somewhere. Owner of that waste still remains legally responsible for the waste. Please take the waste yourself to the civic amenity site or only employ those who are legal waste disposal contractors.

    Council does provide a special collection facility for a change. Visit the Harrow Council website or phone the council and make arrangements.

    So Cllr Susan grow up. We expect better from the leader of the opposition.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    The rubbish collectors and the road sweepers do a very good job and I have no complaint with them. What is annoying is the fact that the fly tippers get a magnificent service. They dump the rubbish and residents ring in to complain. The Council turn up promptly to remove the rubbish. The fly tipper gets FREE and PROMPT rubbish removal at no cost. Residents have to pay for rubbish to be removed or go to the tip. This indicates to residents that some people are more equal than others.

    Why are there so few prosecutions of the fly tippers? If caught they should be heavily fined (or as is sometimes the case they say their income is too low to pay the fine) they should be asked to clean and scrub Harrow clean. They could do a road sweeper’s shift and the sweeper could have an extra tea break while watching them work.

    The Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive should volunteer to do a few early morning shifts with the road sweepers and the rubbish collectors. Perhaps some of our Council tax could go to buying this pair some glasses so they could SEE what everyone is complaining about.

  4. Shambhu Gupta

    Fly tipping is a criminal act and fly tippers are criminals. But to catch them red handed or to collect enough evidence for a successful prosecution is not easy. Particularly after the Neighbour hood teams were reduced and then decimated by Boris Johnson as Mayor. We all can be eyes and ears for the Council to help catch fly tippers.

    It is not practical to expect the leader of the council or the chief executive to do what you are suggesting. There are over 1000 streets in the Borough and they can not be every where. Only the public can help reduce the problem. Do not forget criminals are not stupid people. They are often very sharp. Only their thinking is twisted and motivated by greed and easy gain.

  5. Mike N

    About six months ago I reported a fly tipping near me, on the Harrow Council website, with the full details, including the name and address of the person responsible. I also had photos of them in action. What did Harrow Council do……..absolutely nothing! They couldn’t even be bothered to get back to me. That’s how good this useless council are!

  6. Shambhu Gupta

    In cases where no action takes place, it us very useful to get in touch with your ward Councillors. Most wards have three Councillors. You can contact any one of those three but generally some are more effective than others.

    My ward Councillor for many years was Bill Stephenson. He was very quick to follow up any complaint. Some Councillors are less interested and also less able to get officers to act.

    But giving up does not help. Please try again and involve your ward Councillors.

  7. Concerned Harrovia

    I am sure Cllr. Hall used to go out sometimes on early morning shifts with the dustmen to see what the situation was in Harrow. Perhaps she could confirm this was the case.

    Shambu Gupta are you saying that the Leader and the Chief Executive would think riding on a bin lorry was beneath their dignity. I am not suggesting they patrol all the streets in Harrow just enough to experience what is happening in the borough. Gentlemen leave your nice warm seats in the Civic Centre and join the dustmen in their jobs to keep Harrow clean.

    Surely showing humility and empathy with those they consider Council Tax paying plebs would improve their image in the eyes of the Public. Remember we vote you in and we can vote you out. Pride goes before a fall.


    1. iharrow.com

      I think Leader Shah did go out on a bin lorry, just the once, and on his first(-ish) day of becoming leader. Indeed, his blog at the time carried a number of spin photos of him doing so. Alas, communication with residents seems to have fallen by the board, with the last Leader’s Blog updated around six months ago. I’m sure he’d be welcomed back at the depot, especially since the council has ramped up the staff canteen there with decent coffee (priorities, right?) now.

  8. Shambhu Gupta

    First you have got it totally wrong. I am not a Councillor. I am an environmental campaigner . My credentials to challenge those in power and authority are well established.

    All those politicians who ride on lorries or visit Norway and make an ice tent or go to Africa and get photos or videos taken of distributing food and blankets are doing as publicity stunt and to increase their profile with people like you. Susan Hall is doing the same by standing next to sofa which someone has dumped. If she was a caring person, she would phone up the relevant officer and the sofa would go in no time.

    I do not like stunts. These do not produce results or solve any problem. At times it may help the politician to fool enough people and win the election. But the problem will be still there. There is no magic wand. All of us have to work systematically and diligently to make things happen. Hope, wish and prayer do not produce change. Only action based on a well thought out plan would produce result.

    Lastly, why do you want to hide your identity ?

  9. Lisa

    iharrow what is wrong with having a decent canteen with decent coffee for these workers some who travel an hour and a half to get to work (how do i know i have spoken to such people)there shift starts at 6am. I don’t here you mention the Civic Centre which has a plush canteen . I find your comment very unsavoury these guys do a very hard job what’s wrong with a decent cuppa before they start.

  10. Susan hall

    Just to confirm, I have of course been out many times with crews from both the waste services and the street cleaning and ground maintenance teams. They work very hard and Harrow should be proud of them. The video has done what it was supposed to do and has brought notice and discussion to the subject. I have received many e mails regarding this.The more we all notice what is going on and report it the better, so I make no apologies for that and I also do of course report these things. When we were in control of the Council we funded these departments properly so that the Borough could be cleaned up. Perhaps Shambhu Gupta could try and persuade the three Labour Councillors in Headstone South Ward to invest more in the services. We must also invest more in catching these culprits. Living in a clean well maintained environment is what we all want – surely? Thus I will continue to push for more money going to our front line Services. Labour control Harrow Council thus the decision is theirs, it is not within the power of the Conservatives, all we can do is to bring this to your attention.

    1. Martin Lever

      How many flytippers were prosecuted by the last Conservative council?

  11. Shambhu Gupta

    Cllr Susan Hall, can you please confirm that it was Tory mayor Boris Johnson who reduced and then decimated the neighborhood teams which were doing excellent jobs of petrolling the streets. First he merged the teams of two wards but reduced the manpower by 50%. Then he reduced it further. Can you also agree that it was Tory Chancellor George Osborne and Tory Prime Minister David Cemeron which reduced the budget allocation for Harrow council and demanded drastic cuts under his draconian austerity measures.

    You are as guilty of tokenisism by standing next to a sofa dumped by someone and making a video, as Prime Minister Modi was when he posed with his new broom in the streets of Delhi soon after becoming Prime Minister. Delhi is still not clean. And fly tipping would not end. Any body who makes fly tipping a party political issue , is ignorant of the whole phenomenon of waste problem.

    Every thing that is grown or manufactured including animals and human beings become waste after a time. It is only the duration. Whether you see shelves full of stuff at Tesco or A warehouse full of computers, washing machines, televisions etc, after a while , all these things would become waste. Society has to develop facilities to deal with waste. Even you and I would die one day. In fact over 150,000 persons die each day and these bodies have to be either buried or cremated. Every thing you see will will become waste. Some in 1 year, some in 5 years and some may take longer.

    Waste is a huge problem. There are people who would be socially responsible in dealing with waste and there will always people who could not care less.

    I am all for responsible behavior and well planned facilities. What I am against is people like yourself making a cheap political point.

  12. Susan Hall

    Safer Neighbourhood Teams are the Police – nothing to do with the Council (although when we were in charge we did pay for a team from the Council coffers to help with crime in central Harrow) – Fly tipping is a Council issue. You should not confuse the two. Council Budgets have been reduced in some areas although what the Politicians do with their money and where they make the cuts is down to that Political administration- fact. Therefore it is absolutely correct that as the opposition if we do not agree with where the administration is cutting from then it is our job to highlight this.

  13. Shambhu Gupta

    Susan Hall, how you fail to see the connection between neighbourhood teams and the fly tipping is beyond logic. When Harrow had over 150 officers and special constables patrolling the streets, talking to residents and keeping an eye on many type of problems including vandalism, graffiti , abondonned vehicles and fly tipping, there were fewer problems. Now as the Neighbour hood teams have disappeared, anti-social elements/ criminals have a field day. Hence the incidences of fly tipping have increased.

    Also it will be nice if you could give an honest and direct answer to the question posed by Martin Lever about the number of prosecutions you brought against fly tippers when you were the Leader of Harrow Council.

    It is a vicious cycle. Tory Government reduces budget for social service work in Harrow. Elderly people get less support at home. They end up in hospital blocking beds costing us even more. It is the dogmatism of the Tory Government which is creating many social and environmental problems. If you cut Police Budget, crime will increase. If you cut social services budget, elderly and needy would suffer. If you cut budget for the care of Environment, fly tipping would increase, roads would have more and deeper pot holes etc.

    Join the people of Harrow in demanding better settlement from the Government and not play petty politics please.

  14. Mike N

    It’s not about which political party is in charge of Harrow Council. Harrow Council collectively are inefficient,in nearly every thing they do. Streets are half hearty swept where most of the litter but not all is picked up, and then only when you report it. Bins are emptied, but when something does spill out the operatives(binmen) just ignore it. Pot holes are filled in, but another just feet away is left. Abandoned vehicles are reported numerous times but months later are still on the street etc etc. Yes something are dealt with in a timely manner, but a lot aren’t. I’m sure Harrow Council have a wonderful, caring, hardworking staff, but something has gone wrong. It’s as if Harrow Council no longer works for the tax paying residents, which after all is the only reason that they are in existence for.

  15. Susan Hall

    I am sorry to say Shambhu Gupta you are completely wrong. The Council has always dealt with abandoned vehicles and fly tipping (or at least since I have been a Councillor). As a matter of fact Police Officers have been moved to the more ‘difficult’ areas which is also where there is more fly tipping so contrary to your comments there are more Officers where there are problems and also more environment problems.

    As for answering Martin Lever’s question if you really think I would have that information to hand then you must think I am some sort of genius which judging by your previous comments is simply not the case 🙂 All I can say was that many people were prosecuted and I started up the first enviro crime unit in the borough when I was deputy Leader in around 2007//8

  16. red mirror

    there is something vaguely beautiful about all that rubbish i thought the photos captured it wonderfully i especially liked the couch turned to the wall like a naughty school boy i wonder what stories that blue three seater could tell?might i make a suggestion that a calendar of fly tips be made and sold the profits going to recycling we must embrace the negative aspects of not only ourselves but all of life and emerge as fully integrated beings love to all happy new year x

  17. bazza08

    I would like to start by saying I agree with Mike N, I also think the council is not doing a very good job because over the past few years I have constantly reported fly tipping in just three areas around the Honeybun estate, I continually asked for a portable camera to be put up in the three areas to catch the vandals responsible for fly tipping. my wife and I walk into Harrow every Wednesday morning and nearly every time something has been dumped in one of the three areas.
    I also agree with “Concerned Harrovian” when he says “The fly tipper gets FREE and PROMPT rubbish removal at no cost.” because every week the rubbish that was dumped the week before has gone and a new lot has been dumped, I myself have reported fly tipping countless times to the Council.
    I have also sent emails (with loads of pictures) to the Council Officers, Ward councillors, and the first email I sent to Susan Hall was in 2013 reporting how much fly tipping was going on in this part of West Harrow. I kept asking the same question why not put a mobile camera up in these areas catch the vandal, then prosecute them with a maximum fine, then put their pictures in the newspapers on posters around Harrow, in the Harrow Magazine, (name and sham) to show that something is being done to catch these vandals.
    One more rant, there is a very small road (about 100 meters long) that links Butler Rd and Vaughan Rd, that has no houses in it at all, and is one of the dumping spots I have been talking about, suddenly last year gets four brand new road signs with the name “Vallacott Road” keeping in mind that there are no houses in this road, how much has it cost to have had four signs made and installed, but they say they cannot afford to pay for cameras to catch vandals.
    Finally last year we had a problem with drug dealers operating by the phone box in Bowen road, we informed the police, who came and put up a temporary camera on the lamp post opposite the phone box, they caught and prosecuted the dealer and guess what NO MORE PROBLEM…..

  18. Wealdstone Warrior

    A lot of the fly tipping is in the form of mattress’s due to multiple occupancy/beds in sheds. No one wants to sleep on a mattress from a previous occupant, so they chuck it out on the pavement and buy a new one from the local furniture shops. If the Labour run council did more to clamp down on multiple occupancy and beds in sheds, this would solve part of the problem. If the council emptied the bins more and stopped the bin tax, less fly tipping would occur.

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