May 22 2013

Susan Says: Labour’s Behaviour at Council “Disgraceful”

susan_hall_150x150Guest article from Susan Hall:

I think Labour’s behaviour at the [Council Mayor-Making Ceremony] meeting was disgraceful.

Despite the wonderful year Cllr. Ismail and his dear wife Zarafaran have had as Mayor and Mayoress, Labour refused to join us in giving thanks to them. They didn’t join in thanking the Mayoral staff and, perhaps most appallingly, refused to stand when the new Mayor in Cllr. Asante left the Council chamber.

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…we must always treat the office with respect…[/pullquote]All councillors disagree with Mayors from time to time, but we must always treat the office with respect. Labour feel they were hard done by in the meeting, but the reality is they behaved very poorly indeed – heckling, shouting and even trying to call unnecessary votes.

Far from the dignified but silent approach they could have adopted if they wanted to protest in a respectful manner.

Source: Susan Hall

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Jeremy says.

    The treatment of Cllr Ismail, a thoroughly decent and honest man, by his former Labour colleagues was disgusting. Nizam didnt deserve that neither did his wife have to witness such disrepect.

    But what was worse was the vile and appalling treatment of Cllr Nana Asante our new Mayor. And let’s not forget how Labour atNavin Shah’s instigation wanted to steal the Mayoralty and hand it to Navin’s missus to use for his personal aggrandisement in the run up to next year’s Council elections. Shameful.

    Meanwhile Our Nav turned up to Council dressed like a tramp and wearing a lurid pink teeshirt, deliberately to disrespect Cllrs Ismail and Asante. This is the man who lords it over us as a “Community Leader” . What an example.

    Having pointed fingers and accused all and sundry of “disrespect” and that catch-all “racism” Labour’s mask has finally slipped and shown them for what they are, the REAL NASTY PARTY. Now there’s a party full of Fruitcakes, Loonies and closet racists.

    Shah is a disgrace especially as a London Assembly Member where his words and behaviour demonstrste for all to see that he is no longer fit (if ever he was) for public office.

    What the other night also showed is that those who followed Navin Shah’s lead have brought the Council into disrepute. Disgraceful behaviour. You shame yourselves and drag Harrow through the mud.

    Congratulations Nana, you will be fine Mayor, our first citizen and Nizam, thank you for your selfless service, an example to us all.

  2. Mrs D Akins

    Well said! Yes Cllr Nana Asante will make a fantastic Mayor. She is hardworking and dedicated to improving the lives of the people in Harrow! And she definately did not deserve the awful treatment that she received from the Labour group. Shame on them!

  3. Praxis Reform

    My understanding of a Mayor making is that it is supposed to be a non-political event, and that the Mayor is a symbolic figurehead more involved with local charity than local politics.

    So, it seems rather childish of “Official” Labour to bring out their dirty washing for such an occasion.

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