Mar 28 2014

Susan Says: Neighbourhood Champions Here to Stay

susan_hall_leaderThe Neighbourhood Champions earlier this week was well turned out earlier this week.

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Council, said: “I am concerned that Labour seem hell-bent on undermining or even getting rid of our Neighbourhood Champions. At the budget meeting in February, both Labour and Independent councillor James Bond introduced amendments to the budget which would have stripped away the extra funding we’ve put into the scheme – putting all the improvements we’re making and the recruitment drive under threat.

She continued: “Thankfully their amendments failed, but it just shows how Labour pay lip-service to the Neighbourhood Champions scheme when it suits them to be nice about it, but do everything they can to kill it off behind the scenes.”



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  1. sonoo malkani

    Beggars belief that anybody in their right minds would even consider destroying/depleting such a precious asset.The people of Harrow who have already had the benefit of crime reduction know its worth its weight in gold.We would not be volunteering if it did not bring the desired results!

    Even the Borough Commander of Harrow Police,Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens openly acknowledged its worth for fighting crime as did the previous Borough Commander.,who helped launch it.

    So many in other London boroughs are envious of our Neighbourhood Champion initiative.I remember the BBC were very interested in learning about this when we first started and many have tried to emulate our example.

    Let us make sure we work harder to get more of these champions on board and give the criminals a run for their money.Uniting our neighbourhoods in this manner is a novel way of building local community ties and getting neighbours closer to one another—like a “mini village” so that they learn to value one another and reap the benefits as well.

  2. terry

    I would be quite happy to keep an eye on my stret, if it were not for the stupid name Does the job include a free baseball cap and T shirt?

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