Jan 24 2014

SusanWatch: Asian Voice – January 25, 2014

susan_hall_leaderHarrow Council Leader, Cllr Susan Hall, has received some glowing press from Asian Voice this week, in response to her Council’s announcement that Whitchurch Fields would be looked at with a feasibility study to see if it could accomodate a new school for Avanti House Secondary School.

The move was described as “…very welcome news…” by the school’s principal, Gareth Jones, and Cllr Hall’s “political support” was observed and noted by the Avanti Schools Trust Chief Executive Nitesh Gor.

Placing a school on the site is clearly a win-win for all concerned: at the moment, it costs some £40,000 a year just in upkeep; by placing a school there – and clearly, this depends on the location, size and scale – at least some open parkland would remain. Far better than turning it into a commercial venue, no?

Local resident Melanie Lewis who was wholly against the ideal of commercialising the fields, said “We are delighted that the land will remain as was intended, for the children of Harrow, for generations to come. This was always our intention and our wonderful MP, Bob Blackman, has been key in ensuring that the land remained as education land. We look forward to working with Avanti to make sure the needs of the residents and the needs of the school are met with equal importance. It is most gratifying that Councillor Hall was able to find a solution that considered all parties involved.”


Its going to be a long journey, but this seems like a good start!

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  1. JV

    I live approximately 8 minutes walk from the proposed site and should the whitchurch site become a feasible site for Krishna avanti school I will put my son forward for attending

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