Jan 04 2014

SusanWatch: Daily Express January 4, 2014

hall_express_20140104“Town Hall boss” Sheriff Hall has been in yet another newspaper today, this time linking the Bulgarian and Romanian migration with the bed-in-sheds problem, which the Express says has “…reached epidemic proportions…”

According to the article, Tory council leader Susan Hall said: “The rise in beds in sheds and overcrowding is now significant in parts of London and the likely influx [of eastern European migrants] is going to turn the pressure up on housing even further.”

The Express reports that “Harrow has had to draft in hundreds of extra Romanian and Bulgarian interpreters as it prepares to be bombarded for information about benefits, housing and schools” – something with Sheriff Hall denies saying.

Express readers have flocked to the comments section, with comments such as “Despite the government were warned, they will now put the extra cost to the tax payers of this country, instead of politicians being awarded for their failure they should be salary cuts for them all, but corrupt politicians will make this impossible. THIS COUNTRY IS DOOMED !!!

Sheriff Hall’s task is far from over yet. The only question now is whether her administration’s proposal for a zero council tax rise this year can sustain the floods of migrants that the council is expecting.

Read the whole story here.


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