Jan 09 2014

SusanWatch: Evening Standard on ‘Down to Earth Cafe’ Cow Cruelty

harrow_council_logoBarely had we published an article about the appalling treatment of a herd of cows on a farm in Harrow, run by the owner of the Down to Earth cafe in Kensington, than the Standard picked up the story. It says:

The animals were part of a herd of 20 kept on a smallholding in Harrow by Khalid Undre, who runs Down To Earth café and health shop in Kensington High Street.

It bills itself as being “environmentally sound, sustainable and animal friendly”, and boasts that “by-products from our kitchen go to feed the cows in our Harrow farm”.

Sheriff Hall gains yet another clipping for her album:

down_to_earth_2Susan Hall, leader of Harrow council, said: “This was an appalling offence of animal cruelty, made all the more grotesque by the cynical way in which this man paraded himself as a champion of ethical food standards.”

“Meanwhile, the website for Down to Earth is still trumpeting that “Any by-products from our kitchen go to feed the cows in our Harrow farm.” – given the health of the cows mentioned in the report, you’d be forgiven for wondering exactly what, if anything, they were being fed.

Fancy eating there? Book a table on 0207 371 6987 or email info@downtoearth.co.uk.

Trip Advisor has some reviews – eight of the nineteen reviews rank it poor or terrible, with phrases such as “This a pseudo healthy place whose real aim is to rip people off who are unfortunate enough to wander into it” according to reviewer Moszcow.

MangoRaspberry goes further: “In short half the stuff on their menu was not in stock. The stuff they did have was not as described and the stuff were rude and unhelpful. ”



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