Sep 13 2014

Take Part: Give the Council Your View on the Proposed Cuts

harrow_council_logoDrop by one of the Council’s ‘Take Part’ sessions where you can meet with Councillors and senior officers to discuss the cuts face to face.

Wednesday 17th September
10am-2pm, Queensbury, Queensbury Circle

Sunday 21st September
12-6pm, Under One Sky, Byron Park, Wealdstone

Saturday 27th September
12-4pm, Rayners Lane, near to Rayners Lane station.

Saturday 4th October
12-4pm, South Harrow, near the corner of Northolt Road and Eastcote Lane.

Thursday 9th October
12-4pm, Stanmore, Bernays Memorial Hall.

Saturday 18th October
10am-4pm, Harrow Town Centre, near to St Georges Shopping Centre.

Saturday 25th October
12-4pm, Pinner, near the corner of Love Lane and Bridge Street.

The Council will also be holding a number of drop in sessions around other locations in the borough. We will be adding more information about these sessions to this section of the website so check back regularly for updates.

For some of the proposals, more detailed discussions will take place with specific users and interested parties.

Dave says, “For the next four years, we will be regularly asking where your priorities for spending are. Should the emphasis be on the vulnerable? Street lighting? Or do you want to see more money go into affordable housing and regeneration proposals to bring more jobs to Harrow?” – which is odd, because he didn’t bother consulting council tax payers over his decision to spend £1,000,000 of our money on bringing in some hired help.

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  1. Keith

    Useless information, especially about Rayners Lane Venue

  2. PraxisReform

    The whole exercise is a farce, unless we have a proper balance sheet / cashflow statement to study before speaking to these Councillors, otherwise the conversation will go something like this:

    Resident: I don’t think you should cut street cleaning
    Councillor: Blah blah, the cuts
    Resident: Libraries are important for students and for promoting reading
    Councillor: Blah blah, the cuts
    Resident: Harrow has very little community and culture, lets save what we have
    Councillor: Blah blah, the cuts

    Ad nauseam

  3. Timeforchange

    So true Praxis!

    I would have thought the first cut that should be made is re Dave’s salary. I guess he claims a full time salary although only works 2 days a week? If so this cannot be allowed. No one else would get away with it

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