Mar 21 2013

Teaching Politics in Schools – Harrow’s Council Leader Pledges Support

thaya_idaikkadarThe Leader of Harrow Council Councilllor Thaya Idaikkadar has signed letters calling for Politics to be taught as a National Curriculum subject.

The letters – penned as part of the #Pol4Schools campaign which is being run by student newspaper Shout Out UK – have landed on the doormats of schools across the borough.

Cllr Idaikkadar backed the campaign when he met with its founder Matteo Bergamini, in January.

The campaign calls for Government and Politics to be introduced as a National Curriculum subject, teaching every student how the government works, how new laws are introduced, how democracy is different in other countries and how to become directly involved in British politics.

The letters urge schools to support the campaign and attend an official launch event, which will be held on April 20 in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre.

Cllr Idaikkadar said: “I am happy to give my ongoing support to this campaign. It is important that our young people are well informed so that they can make important choices and understand why decisions are made at both a national and local level. I hope schools will also want to support this campaign and appreciate the importance of teaching their pupils this subject.”

Matteo said: “The students of today will become the leaders of tomorrow but this will be impossible if they have no idea how our democracy works. Young people today need education in politics, it’s in every aspect of society.”

Harrow Council is committed to supporting any organisations and events that encourage young people, and also supports Harrow Youth Parliament, which represents the views of young people in the borough.

Shout Out UK is a national student newspaper and their project has been sponsored by Vinspired. For more information visit: http://www.shoutoutuk.org/

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. VoiceOfReason

    For the first time, I actually agree with Cllr Idaikkadar. Young people today are very dis-engaged from politics and see no relevance of it in their lives. When I was a student many moons ago, it was a given that you would have political views and you were encouraged to debate them regularly. Today, it really is the ” all about me” culture, and sadly, we only have a limited amount of young people who have any political opinions. At the last election there was hope…many students got involved and voted LibDem. I believe their vote helped the LibDems greatly. Sadly their trust was betrayed and they ended up being shafted. For many, this was their first and last time of engaging with our democratic system. We need to put this back on the agenda and make politics relevant to their lives.

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