Feb 25 2013

Thaya Says: Reflections on the West Harrow Victory

thaya_idaikkadar2Coco Chanel is reported to have said “Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.” The voters of West Harrow seem to agree. Faced with a choice between a Party which gets on with the job and one which thrives on misinformation and mischief making, they chose the Party which may not have the best PR machine but works hard at making residents lives better. The Eric Pickles gimmick of giving Councils a payday loan to freeze Council Tax has been rejected by voters who appreciate that a 46p increase is worth paying to protect services for the vulnerable.

In the final days of the by-election Deputy Leader of the Opposition put out a misleading story that Labour was secretly planning to spend £65 000 extra paying allowances to selected Councillors. That the story was untrue did not stop the Opposition Leader who seems to belong the school of repeat a lie often enough, people will think it true. At Cabinet on 14th February, he had sought clarification on the Portfolio Holder Adviser position and was told that a Portfolio Holder would pay any Adviser from his or her allowance so it will not cost tax payers a penny more. Even though questions at Cabinet had been answered, the Tory propaganda machine was desperate to score cheap political points. Devoid of maturity,  accuracy and restraint, it put out a completely inaccurate story. Perhaps following their resounding loss at the polls, Harrow Tories will rethink their strategy which is not working. In stark contrast, Labour sought to make a case with the people and explain why it had been necessary to raise Council Tax by 2%, a mere 46p a week. Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, Leader of the Council led a sincere and robust campaign said: “We worked hard to give the people of West Harrow the facts about the choice before them. Choosing a Councillor from a Party working hard to protect the vulnerable and the frontline services they need or a Party which slashes and burns at the centre, whilst locally, has no ideas, no vision and resorts to inaccurate reporting.”

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Candidate Christine Robson was able to convince West Harrow residents that she is the best person for the job…[/pullquote]The people of West Harrow chose Christine Robson, a widow, a mother and hard working NHS employee looking to serve the community. Her election is a victory for authenticity. The Tories polled a respectable 700+ votes which are a tribute to a candidate who was a positive influence when she was last on the Council. On the other hand, the UKIP candidate was only able to attract 171 votes, a reflection that Harrow residents prefer mature and sober debate and reject the vitriol that he tried to pass as fair comment online.

Harrow residents recognise that Labour is on the side of the people, working hard to preserve hard won rights against a relentless right wing machine which seeks to disenfranchise poorer people, demonise those in receipt of benefits, forgetting quite conveniently that many people in receipt of benefits are working and paid measly wages. The tax payer supplements their income, because as a society, we believe that people should have a minimum to live on. Labour rightly protected the rights of a person elected by the people of Harrow to vote on their behalf in spite of right wingers like the UKIP candidate thinking it is OK to take away the voice of the poor. The main lesson of this by-election is that authenticity & hard work pay. Under the leadership of Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, a great candidate Christine Robson was able to convince West Harrow residents that she is the best person for the job. Excellent, competent and hard working, this local candidate will bring her professional experience and expertise to the Council as well as unflinching commitment to the residents of West Harrow. Welcome Councillor Christine Robson.

Source: Harrow Labour Group

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  1. Marcello Borgese

    What drivel. The government bonus would have been equivalent to a 1% increase and this lot have increased it by 2% so really they are saying they needed to increase by 1%. This excuse for a leader could have frozen council tax and instructed the Chief Exec to make an overall cost saving of 1% then the government’s bonus would have provided a real 1% increase – any half-decent chief exec in the world could find a 1% saving if they had to. But of course this Chief Exec didn’t have to because Labour decided to punish the voters because we have a Tory government. Labour have always despised voters and this proves it.

    “Protect Services”? More like to pay for iPads to replace Blackberries and then not even ensuring that the Blackberries are returned. How about cutting councillors’ allowances or the Group Budget to protect services for the vulnerable? No chance – protecting the vulnerable is not that important for Labour. Anyway, state-funding of political parties is part of Labour’s hidden agenda, even when a councillor is not even in the party. The only thing political parties seem to be good at is creating more political roles – jobs for the boys (and girls).

    Why mention that Mrs Robson is a widow? Using her bereavement to gain public sympathy is disgraceful. With every election, the electorate seem to become more disillusioned with conventional politicians.

    Congratulations to Jeremy, third place is not bad at all. UKIP’s time will come.

  2. Acurazy Rools

    How dare this man accuse the Conservatives of lack of accuracy. Did he not read the earlier post http://www.iharrow.com/council/harrow-councils-education-department-end-of-year-school-report/ regarding the planning application for the Vaughan School expansion which is riddled with inaccuracies.

    What makes this worse is the fact that despite pointing this out to many people at the Council, and indeed Thya himself, the Council have refused to correct the errors and the inaccurate, misleading document is currently online as part of the planning consultation.

    So Thaya get your own house in order before accusing others.

    Oh yes, and your 1042 votes only represents 13% of the total electorate of West Harrow so before you lose your head in the clouds believing West Harrow are behind you – let me tell you…they are not.

  3. Morepowertothepeople

    Great leader of Harrow Council…..you live in cloud cuckoo land! I am in total agreement with the posters above! You have no clue of what everyone wants, West Harrow was a tiny snapshot, and a tiny win, the bigger picture is very different!, If you truly believe all of Harrow are behind you, then prove it! Conduct a poll on the Councils website, send out a form to everyone asking whether they are for or against the 2% increase, or hold a big meeting! No, you wouldn’t do that because you could not care less about hitting hard residents who are already strapped for cash! I and many others I know are fed up with the selfish attitude of Harrow Council…. disgruntled resident you bet I am!

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