Mar 14 2013

The Big Harrow Council Energy Switch

energy_switchHarrow Council has joined London Council’s energy switch scheme, which we hope will provide residents with cheaper energy prices. If you’re paying too much for your energy bills and you’re a Harrow resident, sign up to The Big Harrow Council Energy Switch.

The scheme could help you slash the prices of your gas and electricity bills by up to £200.  With energy bills continuing to rise, many people are still paying too much for their gas and electricity, but are afraid to switch because they don’t have the time to compare suppliers or think it involves a lot of hassle. The scheme will use collective buying power to force energy prices down.  Anybody can sign up, however, the Council will be focusing on those who are falling into fuel poverty, and those who are already struggling to keep warm, who could really benefit from this opportunity.

All you have to do is register your interest online by visiting www.biglondonenergyswitch.org.uk.

In mid-April, councils in London will organise an ‘energy auction’ inviting energy suppliers to offer their cheapest tariffs to everyone who has registered.  The supplier(s) offering the cheapest tariff will be chosen to offer you a new contract.

Anyone who pays a household energy bill can take part.  The savings will depend on your current tariff, payment method and the winning bid.

The more people who register for The Big Harrow Council Energy Switch, the better the deal we will be able to negotiate for our residents. So spread the word to your family and friends and sign up today!

How to get involved 

Registering online is easy, visit: www.biglondonenergyswitch.org.uk.

Source: Harrow Council

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